Happy Birthday to Alexandra Anthony!

Posted: November 19, 2012 in Featured Authors
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Today is Alexandra’s birthday and I wanted to do something a little special to help her celebrate, but I need your help. If you’re a fan of Alexandra’s books, add a comment to this article and wish her a wonderful birthday please. If you haven’t discovered this wonderful Indie author, learn more at her website.

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Please note: Alexandra’s books do contain adult content and are not intended for readers 13 or younger.

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Vampire Hottie

In Honor of Alexandra’s Birthday, today’s Vampire Hottie is Alexander Skarsgard who is the muse for Stefan, one of Alexandra’s main characters in her Vampire Destiny series.

We both are fans of Eric Northman, and the actor Alexander Skarsgard. That’s how we meet, online when I asked her to join the AS Fan Blog as a moderator for one of my two Eric Northman Fan pages. Over the past few years, Alexandra has become one of my dearest friends. I remember talking with her every few weeks about her treatments for breast cancer when she was diagnosed in early 2011. She wondered how many friends would get freaked out when she revealed the news online and I made a point to not be one of those people. I’ve lost many people in my family to cancer and walking away from someone just because you don’t know what to say when they are dealing with something that heavy was not going to be my scene.  At that time, we’d talk about the fan blog and related sites, True Blood, everything Alexander of course, and my writing as I began the Vampire from Hell series, normal every day stuff. If she wanted to talk about her progress, we’d talk about that too, but I never pushed it.

It was earlier this year, just this year, that she too embraced her desire to write a book. She released Fated, Book 1 in the Vampire Destiny series on May 24, 2012. I crossed my fingers and prayed it would be well received. I didn’t want my friend to have to face some bad news as she recovered from breast cancer.

To our delight, the book flew up the charts. By July, it hit the Top 10 on one of Amazon’s biggest list, Books > Romances > Vampires and it hasn’t left there or fallen below number 10 yet. I doubt it will because it’s a wonderful read!  Alexandra’s dream of writing a book was realized and she has some great readers who support every aspect of her writing.

As the summer progressed, we both shared progress on our writing ideas and projects when we found time to chat. Alexandra appeared on radio shows, blog hops, blog tours promoting her book and wrote her follow up book, Illusion #2 in the Vampire Destiny series. It was released on August 24, 2012 to immediate 5 star reviews and interest, sitting not very far behind Fated on the Amazon list.

Finally as the holidays approach and 2012 comes to an end, I can’t help but be proud of my friend’s accomplishments. I realized a few days ago when I sent Alexandra a birthday present in the mail that she has written 3 books in one year, this year. It’s her first year of writing, certainly not her last, and she is burning up the keyboard. She has even spoken of another vampire series in the making for next year.

Alexandra is now a survivor of breast cancer with having to have one last reconstruction surgery in a few weeks. This past year has been very different for her from last year of 2011, and I mean different in an extremely good way. As I wait with many, many other fans for her third book, yes I said third, I can’t help but be so proud of Alexandra.  She deserves the success she is having with her books. She’s faced things in her life I can’t possibly begin to imagine and she has emerged on the other side as a supportive, humble, funny, amazingly strong and awesome person.  Not to say that she wasn’t like that before. I didn’t know her before she was diagnosed, but afterwards. And I remember the day she decided to tell her online friends what was going on because she could have kept it a secret and pretended nothing was wrong. She didn’t. She embraced fighting cancer the same way she embraces her writing, with fearlessness, courage, and gutsy determination.

So with having said all that, and I hope she won’t be mad that I gushed on about it, I thank every day that I have a friend like Alexandra.  She’s an amazingly supportive person and a wonderful friend.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, A!!! Here’s to another year of writing and I know it’ll be a great one!

Awakening Book 3 in the Vampire Destiny series will be available on Amazon December 15, 2012. Alexandra will be a featured author on my blog December 16th and I’ll have the link available, so mark your calendars. To read samples of Awakening Book 3, see Alexandra’s website.

Also read: “Taking a Small Sidestep” by Alexandra Anthony

About Alexandra

Alexandra Anthony loves all things vampire and enjoys writing romantic/erotic stories combining vampires and the paranormal, loves the idea of good happily ever after story and the possibility that there could be a supernatural Prince Charming lurking out there.

View her latest books available on her Amazon Author page below. You can also learn more about Alexandra at the following links.

Alexandra’s Links are Website | Amazon Author page | Smashwords Facebook | Twitter | The Vampire Destiny series Book page

Read my interview with Alexandra on Sept. 8th.

Cover Designs by Ally

For the first three books of Alexandra’s Vampire Destiny series, I had the wonderful opportunity to create her covers. She has told me many times that she has heard from her readers how awesome the covers look and that just puts a smile to my face. I’m so glad I was able to help her with her those creations. View other designs of mine.

  1. victoria0embers says:

    Happy Birthday Alexandra! Have a wonderful day!!

  2. Kellie H says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Alexandra !!! May you have a wonderful and Exciting day today filled with your friends and family !!

  3. C. L. Pardington says:

    Hi Alexandra and Ally,

    Happy Birthday!

    I am sorry to say I had no idea of what you’ve been going through. I’m so impressed with your courage and you are truly an inspiration. I know you will have great success.

    Have a wonderful day sweetie.

  4. Beckey says:

    The books and the author is new to me… Thanks for the sharing about them on the post :)

    Happy Birthday, Alexandra!! Hope you have a wonderful day …

  5. debbie witenski says:

    Happy Birthday! : ) Have a great day!

  6. patricia whitten says:

    Happy Birthday to a wonderful, strong woman and an incredible author! Thank you for letting me be a part of your street team.

  7. Randi says:

    Have a fangulicious day, Alexandra! Happy Birthday!!!

  8. ally thomas says:

    Thanks everyone for all the Happy Birthday wishes for Alexandra on my blog article for her! I’m promoting the Vampire Destiny books today and it’s going great! Thank you in the name of Stefan :D

  9. Ally, you have been one of the best friends throughout the good and bad times. You’ve talked me down many times and you’ve celebrated with me during the good ones too!

    Thank you for taking the time to write such a beautiful blog entry…one that made me cry in a good way!


  10. Reblogged this on Alexandra Anthony and commented:
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  11. Nancy Medell says:

    Happy Birthday Alexandra!!! Thank you for sharing your creative gift with us!!! 😄😄😄

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEXANDRA!! I love your books and look forward to Awakening. Great job!

  13. Debbie Parks says:

    Happy Birthday Alexandra!!! I am a new fan and stumbled across your books when Amazon suggested, “if you like that then you’ll like this…” Well they were wrong…I LOVE your series so far. Stefan and Josie are just too hot to handle and complement each other well. I look forward to “Awakening” and hope to see more of Anna, Georgia and Lukas. Best wishes for a wonderful day!

    • Debbie-
      Thanks so much! Your comment made my day. I hope you stop by my FB pages and give me a like-I do post spoilers on my blog (HINT: There’s one on there now for Awakening!)

      Have a great holiday and thanks again for your birthday wishes!


  14. geenakmom says:

    Happy Birthday Alexandra! I hope it was spectacular!

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