Icy Footprints

This week has been an unusally crazy week, weather wise especially. We got several inches of snow and ice Monday night and it’s shut things down. In the South, we don’t have salt to take care of clearning the roads. We usually get by with sand. And with the temperatures being in the teens, sand doesn’t really help.

JJ, my dog and I got out each day to slip and slide on the ice. He’d pull me along and when I’d start to slip, I’d step on to the grass and crunch along in the snow. My dog decided quick trips around the block was all the walking he wanted to do. And I had to agree with him. Even in my double layered pants and shirts with a coat, gloves, scarf to boot, it was still cold. The wind was the devil this week with its howling every day and its bitter sting on my face. That is not something I have felt a lot in the South. I took this snapshot of footprints frozen in the ice.

But I have to admit a week of snow and ice in February is a nice change of pace. I was starting to get spring fever early, too early and this helped remind me Winter is not done with us just yet. I think my cat had the best idea on how to deal with the weather. He got to stay inside all week. Click here to see a photo I snapped of him that I put on my Tumblr page.


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