Keep the Chedipe Vampire away from your man’s toes!

I’m always on the hunt for interesting information in other cultures, especially related to the vampire myth. I discovered this today on a new Facebook page I subscribed to recently called Vampires. Sometimes you can figure out unique ways to incorporate even the little bit of the information into your writing and I think the Chedipe has potential 🙂

The Chedipe (which literally means “prostitute”) is a vampire prostitute in Indian folklore. In paintings, she is depicted riding a tiger through the night bathed in the moon light, without any clothes on, I might add. Imagery? Hello! I already see this chic riding bareback through the forest! She prefers to seek out men, but has been known to take out a full household. I suppose a frat house would be a party feast for the Chedipe.

To subdue or charm her victims, she casts a spell to keep them asleep. From there she immediately sucks blood from the victim’s neck. Well actually not his neck, but his toes! Sometimes, it’s said that the Chedipe attacks her victim in the form disguised as a tiger with human legs. This folklore story just screams for a character to be written into a Vampire novel, doesn’t it?

Marriage Woes

The Chedipe is a mistress who doesn’t know when to leave a good man alone. With repeated attacks and sexual assaults on her selected man, the Chedipe often weakens the marriage bond between the man and his wife. She also taints the bloodline for future children. She delights in destroying the couple’s love, trust, and purity. In addition to taking the victim’s blood, she enjoys robbing him of happiness and bliss by her actions.

Defeating the Chedipe Vampire

It’s suggested that a victim of the Chedipe seek treatment if he feels drained of energy or intoxicated the morning after. I’d suggest that is the less of his worries if he’s stepping out on his wife, but that’s another discussion. If the man does not do something, the Chedipe will return. This will ensure that the marriage is destroyed and the victim will eventually waste away and die from all of the bloody toe sucking going on. Serves him right, you may be saying!

Sidenote: I would suggest to the guys if you’re gonna pick up a Chedipe at the bar, don’t let her know where you live. That might work without having to go through the next steps.

Enough Already

How might your man get rid of this Chedipe?

A good way to defeat the Chedipe is for you or your man to invite over a lot of friends for an incense burning sleepover, not a very manly activity, but necessary, if the Chedipe keeps showing up on the lawn at night. Before the sleepover, place holy items around the house such as crosses, bibles, bottles of holy water. I’d even suggest getting an inflatable Pope for the front yard, like a big Santa Clause, but I’m not sure they make those. Anyways… At the party, designate someone to burn incense all the time from beginning in the morning, til evening and through the night. Find someone reliable.

If you can designate one person who stays awake throughout the night, burning incense, this will frighten the Chedipe away. The presence of an awake person maintaining the rituals of sacred protection frightens the Chedipe, causing her to seek out another household in the neighborhood to attack.

Hopefully this will work, and you won’t wake up the next morning to a large room filled with your husband and his friends, limping around dazed and confused with bloody toes.

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