Blick in White Sneakers

Please Note: The following sample may or may not be the final version that is included in the edition of “A Vampire Among Angels (The Vampire from Hell #2)” on the release date.

“You still can’t sleep?”

Blick found me on the terrace, gazing at the ocean.  He was headed out for another day of training.  I wanted to ask him if he was okay with my missing so much time from our martial arts practice, but I forgot the question when I saw him.  I feared my sleep deprivation was causing me to hallucinate, and then I remembered Blick’s change.

Since arriving at the House of G, Blick had transformed from his Lycan-Underworld-movie look to that of a tall, unassuming man with chiseled facial features and gleaming golden eyes.

“I can’t get used to your shift into human form.  Your beard and goatee are very nice.  I didn’t realize how handsome you are for a hellhound.”

“Is that a sense of humor I detect today?” he replied, ignoring my observation.  He was so confident and determined standing there in his workout clothes consisted of a bright white t-shirt clinging to his tanned muscular frame, a pair of royal blue gym shorts, and white sneakers.  The wind pushed a few wisps of his jet black hair into his eyes and he brushed them aside.

I smiled up at him weakly.  Hearing the love in his soft baritone voice was music to my ears.  We had fallen out of the habit of talking to each other telepathically since we didn’t need to be secretive anymore.

“What about the nightmares?”

As tears rose in my eyes, I gritted my teeth and fought to compose myself, so I didn’t burst out crying like a little girl in front of him.  “Ongoing,” I managed to say.  Anytime I tried to sleep, I’d see Father and Stephanie turn into monstrous snakes and chase after me.   It had been going on for weeks which left me wandering around Blick’s home if I wasn’t on the computer.

He placed his hand on my forehead, checking my body temperature.

“You’re burning up,” he insisted.

“I think that’s just how I am now.”  My seven foot hellhound I had raised from a pup in Hell was now a seven foot angel who was trying his best to take care of me.  I called him ‘Papa’ especially when he was fussing over why my health was steadily declining.  Blick wasn’t the only one worried about me.  I was too.

“A friend is coming by later with some supplements.  Will you answer the door this time please?”


We stood on the terrace of his home in silence for a few moments, watching to the waves.  Other two-story properties of high ranking angels lined the beach.  The ocean stretched out to what seemed like infinity.  It was more beautiful than I’d imagined oceans could be.  Under the morning sunlight, the water glistened and danced into shades from light to dark blue and greens.  I had been staring at it for hours well before the sun came up.  Were Earth’s oceans this blue?  One day, I thought to myself, one day I’ll find out.

“Why don’t you work on your blog today?”  Blick’s question brought me back to reality.

“I could do that,” I agreed.

“And not chat with your friends?”

“Well,” I began.  Then I stopped as a large wave slammed against the rocks, interrupting my sentence.

Blick peered down at me.

“It seems to distract me,” I concluded.

“You realize your meeting with G is this week.  You have to be ready.”

Struggling to comprehend his meaning, I tried to listen to his words, but the waves below rocked back and forth, calling me.  How could the sand be that white, I wondered.

Blick continued talking, “Every medicine we try doesn’t seem to work.  We’re running out of options here.  Do you know how long we’ve been organizing this?”  He crossed his hands over his chest in frustration and glared down at me.

I groaned inwardly and attempted a cheerful response for his sake, “Yes, Papa.”

“Rayea, this is serious!” He grabbed me by the shoulders, turning me around to face him.  “You’re a big part of J’s plan.  You have to make a good impression on G, if this is to move forward.  Oh hey, do you have your sunscreen on?”  He released me.

“You realize I have no idea what you’re talking about!” I exclaimed as I stumbled.  Then quietly I added, “I won’t be out here much long.  The morning sun isn’t that bad when I don’t have any on.  It’s the afternoon rays that make my skin itch.”

“I’m sorry.  I’m not mad at you.  I’m mad at the situation.  I can’t figure out what’s making you sick.”  He leaned down and kissed me roughly on the head.  “I’ll tell you what’s going on tonight, I promise.”

I waved to Blick from the terrace as he left.  I loved him with all of my heart.  He was the only constant in my life, and he was more of a father to me than dear ole Daddy Satan would ever be.  The mother hen fussing was his way of showing he cared even if it did get on my nerves.

Without having Blick’s thoughts racing around in my head, I had no idea what was going on.  Honestly, I was glad I didn’t.  Recently I had realized how seriously he took his job as a secret agent for the House of G.  He thought about Father’s possible plans for world domination more than I did.  It was fine listening to them while we were in Hell, but now I didn’t have the strength.

Since I had been ill for many months, I had been left out of the loop.  Some big plans were underway and I played a part in them?  Great.  I shuttered to think what G would say once he found out a vampire, from Hell no less, was in his realm.  He’d probably want to send me back.  I had news for him,  that was not going to happen.

I glanced at my arms and saw a couple of small red blisters popping up.  Yep, time to get inside.


Stay tune for more.  The Vampire from Hell continues at the end of August (2011) with A Vampire Among Angels (#2).

P.S. Here’s a possible visual of my idea of Blick in human form if you add the jet black hair and gold eyes 🙂 –


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