Saying “Thank You” with Fanged Love

In 2002, I wrote a short story after I had a dream.   I should call it a nightmare because it scared the wits out of me, and it haunted me for days before I finally decided to write it down.   But this story (called Fanged Love, last edits in 2009 with some minor additions recently added) is the original thought that started the concept of the Vampire  from Hell series in my head.

After writing it down in 2002, I spent several years thinking about it, trying to put the pieces together, and trying to figure out how to make it something I’d enjoy writing about, but I couldn’t come up with something I really liked.  Then, many years later, when the thought of the heroine in Fanged Love becoming a different type of vampire and having a father she loathed, and adding a nemesis, possibly related to her, the story idea about Rayea really started to take shape.  In September 2010, I revised the Fanged Love short story into “Satan’s Daughter” for a writing class which became Part 1 of the Vampire from Hell series you have hopefully read.

Oddly enough, I had a few friends scoff at my revised ‘Daughter of Satan’ idea.  They felt my bringing vampires into the realm of celestial good and evil, Heaven and Hell, devils and demons, etc was not a smart idea, but a very bad one, something no one would want to read.  I’m just happy now that I put my big girl pants on, decided to ignore their feedback, and fought to get the short story published.  Once Part 1 made its way into your hands, I waited to see how bad the response would be, and it wasn’t.  Instead, it was positive, and you guys wanted to learn more about Rayea! My inbox was flooded with your requests for more!  Your feedback actually locked me into turning this dream I’ve always had of becoming a fiction writer into moving it towards a reality.  I think we can say we are on our way.  Thank you again!

I have to really again thank my writing instructor, C. Adams, who thought a story about Satan’s daughter was a fabulous idea.  Her positive feedback saved me from shelving  the story.

As a special Halloween treat to my readers, I want to share the original short story called “Fanged Love” with you.  You’ll probably notice several themes in their infancy.   I certainly did as I re-read it and made a few minor revisions.  Some that come to mind for me include: vampires with snake features, the heroine having the power of telepathy,
and the heroine having a male adversary who wants to dominate her.

Additionally, check out “To My Readers” for a special request at the end of the story.  While re-reading this short story, I wrote out some ideas.  I couldn’t stop my brain from formulating the possibility of creating a new character.  I’d like to get your thoughts.

Fanged Love is a FREE download and available at Smashwords | Apple iBooks |Barnes & Noble Nook | Amazon.


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