Writers, the ebook Revolution is Ready for You!

If you haven’t realized by now, eBooks are here, and they aren’t going away anytime soon. That is how I started my article called, “The eBook Revolution, Are You Onboard?” when I wrote it for this blog in January 2011. It’s as true then as it is now.

If you’re a writer and you’re looking for a way to get your voice heard, but you don’t want to do traditional publishing, consider Independent Publishing. Here’s why. “More recently, these options include print on demand and ebook format. These publishing alternatives provide an avenue for authors who believe that mainstream publishing will not meet their needs or who are in a position to make more money from direct sales than they could from bookstore sales. Authors are more readily published by this means due to the much lower costs involved.”

Companies like Amazon, Smashwords.com, Apple, and Barnes & Noble are embracing independent authors. In a recent interview with CNN, John Grisham commented about ebooks. He said, “There’s a new generation of young people in publishing and they understand the technology, they understand social media and they are very excited about the future. They think there will be more and more outlets to find new readers to market the books. It’s changing awfully fast, but I can’t worry about it. All I can do is go and write the next book.”

Our time as a new generation of ebook writers has come. Likely the reason I’m writing this article today is because I’m realizing the possibilities before me as a writer. 2012, 2013 will be great years, productive years for my writing. I’m very excited about that fact and I’m very excited I’m here. I started this journey into the world of Indie Publishing earlier this year with a few friends, a little writing circle, who also wanted to publish, and who wanted others to read their stories.

I offered to research independent publishing and let them know what it’s all about. I’m glad I did! I’m glad I published that first short story (The Vampire from Hell) and took the plunge because I haven’t looked back. Granted I started this journey without a full book transcript in hand, and I’m currently writing the Vampire from Hell series in installments while I outline ideas for future books, even a few new series. But I knew if I waited until I had over 120,000 words written, I’d succumb to fears, anxieties, and excuses for not getting the words written. That’s why I jumped in. Pure and simple. (I’d like to say my friends from the writing circle are on Amazon as well, but so far they haven’t taken the plunge.)

I told my friends online about my short story. I shared the info with other friends in the fan clubs I run featuring one of my favorite vampire hotties, Eric Northman from True Blood, played by the actor Alexander Skarsgard, and just kept writing. Having a full-time job and other real world obligations can cut into my writing time, so I still have to keep an eye on it. So far though, it’s going well!

In January 2011, as many of you know, I quietly ventured into the Independent Publishing world (at Smashwords.com) by publishing a Fantasy Paranormal short story titled The Vampire from Hell: The Beginning (Part 1) (a Free download by the way :). I had written it in a short story class in September 2010.

Many months later as 2011 nears a close, I continue to be amazed with the response. The 6,150 word story (about 20 pages) has been downloaded over 20,000 times. Readers continue to demand to know what’s next for Rayea, the daughter of Satan who is turned into a vampire by her father, Lucifer in Part 1. After “A Vampire among Angels: Part 2’s” release in September, interest grows and grows. In one month, the Part 2 story (28,776 words) has been bought on Amazon alone almost 500 times. Indeed, with this response, I’ve learned that Rayea has more to tell us. And I’ve learned how powerful social networking is. I’m so thankful for the online friends I have, and the readers I met everyday who tell me they’ve enjoyed Rayea’s story. I wouldn’t be here without you!

I’m just thrilled that I’m writing daily, and that I’m getting closer to a lifelong goal of becoming a full-time fiction writer! It’s gonna happen! Road blocks may show up along the way. Sales may drop off here and there. My mind may try to tell me that I can’t write, that I’m a fool for doing this, that I’m putting too much pressure on myself. But I’m not going to waste anymore time doubting myself. I’ve spent too many years in the past doing just that.

So if you are a writer, have you embraced the eBook Revolution yet? It’s waiting for you. And yes, your readers are ready for you too! They want to read your books! If you take the plunge into the cyper world, you’ll find them. Trust me, you can do it!

Feel free to share your comments! Thanks again to everyone for your emails, comments, reviews, feedback, advice, and ongoing support!


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