Character Spotlight – Michael

When “A Vampire Among Angels” (Part 2 of the Vampire from Hell series) came out, a few of my online friends asked me if the archangel Michael that Rayea is enthralled with is inspired by Alexander Skarsgard. He’s the actor who plays Eric Northman on True Blood.

Go to or and you tell me 🙂 I started those fan sites for the actor a few years ago when his name wasn’t as recognizable as it is now. I, myself, became fascinated with him in Generation Kill, I was delighted to learn later that Alex had accepted the role of Eric in True Blood. So yes, it’s pretty obvious that Alex is my visual representation for Michael.

When I began work on the series, I wanted to figure out a way to have a tall, blond male love interest for my female heroine, but I wasn’t completely sure I wanted the guy to be a vampire. Actually I didn’t want a blond vampire because that’s been done, and it’s too close to the books that True Blood is based on. As I brainstormed on having Rayea involved with celestial beings, mainly angels and gods, the idea of a dazzling good looking archangel came about. And I knew the perfect inspiration for what that character should look like.

From “A Vampire Among Angels: Part 2” –

“From my vantage point, I could see the generous portion of manhood between his long, sturdy Viking legs, his flat stomach, and his bare muscular arms. He was very strong, and I was in too compromising a position to take this guy on.”


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