The Vampire from Hell series and Fanged Love Debut in Occult Horror on Amazon

While working on Part 3 of the Vampire from Hell series, it’s been nice to see that the other installments of my current series fairing well in the land of ebooks, primarily that of Amazon and Kindle.  Recently I’ve noticed that two of my Free ebooks are making the rounds among several Amazon lists.  It still amazes me how they manage to get on these Top 100 lists within Kindle and Amazon, but I’m not complaining.  I’m delighted to see them make the rounds.

With that being said, the lists are updated hourly so there can be alot of fluxuation with the numbers.  No matter.  It’s great to see each book cruise the scene as more readers learn about Rayea and her stories as a vampire from Hell.

This week the focus is on the Occult Horror list on Amazon.

The Vampire from Hell: The Beginning (Part 1) debuts at #10.

Fanged Love: Origins of the Vampire from Hell series (Fanged Universe #1) debuts at #15.

A Vampire among Angels (The Vampire from Hell: Part 2) comes in at #31 on the Top 100 Paid list.


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