Chapter 1 Sample – A Vampire on Vacation (Part 3)

The Vampire from Hell (Part 3) – A Vampire on Vacation is scheduled to be released Summer 2012.

Please Note: The following sample may or may not be the final version that is included in the edition on the release date.

From CHAPTER 1 – Bye, Bye Vampire

Sometimes even vampires have to pay from their sins.  My case is no different than anyone else’s.  Wait!  What am I talking about?  My case is like no other case.  My name is Rayea and I’m probably the only vampire created in Hell.  As far as I know, I’m the only vampire in existence anywhere.  I mean do witches or werewolves or zombies for that matter have to face Judgment Day?  Seriously?  I’d like to find one and ask him.  Yeah, my case is different, and then some.

Being summoned to the Golden Skull Bar in San Francisco by J only adds to my worries.  I’m currently drowning my sorrows with a bottle of tequila.

Why is J sending Death?  Am I really about to die?  Death shows up when people die, or are about to die.  Is it my turn?  Can a vampire forged out of Hell be killed?  Is this part of the ‘greater plan’ as J calls it?  What am I missing?

Immediately the painful memory of the mind meld J gave me during our conversation at Blick’s home surfaces at the back of my skull.  Will dying feel like that?  I visualize my brain turning to a globby mess of orange jello and oozing out of my ears.  “It probably will be a lot like that,” I mutter to myself.

I click my tongue against my fangs, letting the tip outline the length of the left, then the right.  They are waiting patiently for some action as they hid in their holding cavities in the roof of my mouth.  How many months has it been without having blood, more precisely, without having Michael’s blood?  What did they expected me to do?  Just not feed?!

You’ve been a bad girl, Rayea. There’s no doubt about that,” the voice inside my head admits.

“Shut up,” I say aloud again.  “How was I supposed to know?!  What do you want from me?!”  A few other customers at the main bar glance over at where I sit near the exit door in the bar.  The wooden table nested in the very back has become my writing desk, my gathering spot with friends, and now my trial bench.  “Or is that bench trial,” I question the thin air.

Realizing I’m talking aloud again, I lower my head slightly, gritting my teeth.  I want to have a full-on conversation with the voice inside my head, debating ever side of the story including my own while I sit waiting in the bar for Death to arrive.  However, I know from seeing the looks the aimlessly wandering homeless folks get as they passed by the bar on their way to Golden Gate park that talking to myself in public is strictly frowned upon on Earth.  It’ll have to wait.

Wouldn’t Stephanie laugh at me now if she could see me?  I pray she is still lost in Purgatory.  If she finds a way out, and discovers that I killed her father, our father, I’ll be in serious trouble.  That goes without saying, I know.  She’ll seek revenge.  I don’t want to think about it really.

There’s a lot you don’t want to think about, my dear,” the voice inside my heads chides in.

I hiss at him to quiet him down.

I am currently more concern with why J feels Death is the qualified individual to hear my side of the story.  Why not Michael or J himself?  I understand why he wouldn’t send Blick because Blick would try to defend me, I think.  I hope.  But Death, my ex-boyfriend?  Don’t worry.  I’ll share that at some point, if I survive this.  What puzzles me about my current situation is why am I being judged when I haven’t officially started working for J yet?  What is that about?  I am on vacation!  Hellooo.

At least J is still communicating with me while Michael and Blick are not.  According to their latest status report they both copied me on, they are ‘thoroughly disappointed in my performance’ and are concerned about my ‘lack of focus in pressing matters.’  I didn’t know I had to be available to work while on vacation.  That’s ridiculous.  I assumed I could relax and do a whole lot of nothing.  I guess they had other ideas such as Face Timing me at 5am in the morning, asking me to scan the internet for any online activity my adorable sister may make while being lost in Purgatory.  (That’s a joke.  You guys know Stephanie is anything but adorable.)

It did make me wonder though if they had suddenly lost a tracking on her.  She may be free, wandering around Earth, maybe San Francisco, for all I know.  It is only a matter of time before she finds me.  I don’t have all the time in the world to enjoy myself, so I like to think of my vacation as my making up for lost time.  As I type that sentence into this blog entry, that’s a good way of looking at it actually.  It is only a matter of time.  Now I guess that really is true.  J will dispose of me for the Ancient Council and I will cease to exist.

“Bye, bye, vampire.”

Over my dead body,” the voice inside my head retorts.

“At least I have you on my side, dear friend,” I admit aloud.


Anyways as I was saying, once I told Michael and Blick to forget it, I didn’t hear from either one of them very much.  Oh wait, that’s not true.  I did hear from Blick in a way.  Once I used up my supply of angel blood in the first few months, I received a forwarded email from Blick that Michael had sent to him.  My refill request for nourishment had been denied and Blick wanted to inform me of the decision.

I decided to stop checking my email messages after that and let the inbox load up with unread messages until last night when I got J’s text for me to be at the Golden Skull bar for a ‘D debriefing’ at 9 pm.  Yes, ‘D’ as in Death debriefing.  J knew I’d get the reference without his typing it out.

When I took the time last night to surf through my inbox immensely filled with copies of various correspondences about the House of G activities including Blick’s instructions for logging into the new secure network, I discovered an email from Blick that was written on a more personal note.  It wasn’t like him to send such an email.  I was stunned by its content on many levels.  I had been considering blowing off the meeting until I read his email.  The email made me realize that facing Death was a reality, not some meeting I could skate my way around.  It also made me realized that even for a vampire, I had many things to live for, such as meeting my mother!  I’ll let you read his email, so you can see for yourself why it jolted me.

This is what it said:

“I never should have left you alone on Earth, but I didn’t want you to think that I didn’t trust you.  I know how stubborn you can be. I had hoped, for everyone’s sake, that you could handle yourself, resist temptation, and survive without anyone’s blood for a few more months.  I know now I should have been shipping you smoothies in the mail all this time, despite J’s orders.  No, not soggy pink envelopes filled with smashed strawberries.  But I should have figured out something then.  I hope it’s not too late.

Ultimately as your vacation dragged on, we searched endlessly for your sister and I was tasked with getting the new network in order.  You’ve probably guessed by now that we lost our trail of her in Purgatory and currently we don’t know where Stephanie is.  J has several of his primary teams working around the clock and is considering bringing in special ops if necessary.  We’ll find her.  Don’t worry.  I shouldn’t tell you about the SO thing, but you’ll learn plenty about that type of stuff in orientation once your vacation is over.

I’m not making excuses for my not contacting you.  Okay maybe I am.  But I realize now that you needed me, and I was too wrapped up with work.  We didn’t leave you with any options, so when temptation presented itself, you jumped on it.  Michael and I both know that now.  We knew it could happen, especially if you met that human actor you go on about.  We tried to warn J, but he insisted that we not get involved.

Again I have failed you.  I know we had that argument about the actor, and honestly it got me to thinking.  I have so much I need to tell you.  Over the years, I’ve ignored countless opportunities to tell you more, about myself and about some things you have a right to know.  And now it may be too late.  That’s why I’m going to tell you a few things you should know.

When we heard rumors that your father wanted to create an army of vampires, we knew we had to act.  He boasted about it many times.  Lucifer needed a person who could handle the poison raging in his blood.  He’s tried this before and each test subject has either died at the time of transformation or has been destroyed by J’s team later.  J was certain that you’d die from drinking your father’s blood.  He said the only way you could survive would be if you weren’t human.  I thought the wine was diluted enough that it wouldn’t make you too sick.  When your father added his blood to the glass, I knew we had to get you out of there no matter what.  You were violently ill for several weeks.  You probably don’t remember.  Thankfully, Michael figured out a way to save you.

I’m risking everything by sharing this information with you.  You know that.  But it’s very important you understand.  J wants to know more about your fire power.  He doesn’t understand why it is linked to your powers.  It’s not a typical trait for a vampire to have.  Not that I’m saying I know that much.  J knows more about the subject than I do.  What I’m saying is that I realize now, after talking with Ra, where the source could come from.  Your mother.

I’m taking only Ra into my confidence. The others – J, G, Michael, and Death I haven’t told them anything.  At some point, we’ll have to.  I owe J a lot and our alliance goes back a long ways.  But for now, please don’t share any of this with anyone.  We’ll explain it all when the time is right.

That’s why I’m sending Ra to meet with you.  He will tell you a few things that you need to know about your past.  I’ve also asked him to give you something you need.  You won’t have to guess what it is.  You’ll meet a man caring a silver briefcase.  That’s how you can recognize him.  Obviously he won’t be in his dragon form.  As I said, J doesn’t know about this.  It’s a decision Ra and I made with your mother’s approval.  Yes, she is alive, but I can’t tell you anything more in this email.

I guess you aren’t checking your messages, so when you do read this, I hope you are well, not sitting around feeling sorry for yourself.  You’re better than that, Rayea.  I’m sure you still have your phone and you’ll be able to read this, even if you don’t respond.  I hope you do.  I’d love to hear from you.  I hope you can read this before the meeting, and try to understand some of what I’ve said.  I’ve asked Ra to find you before Death does.  It’s vital you see Ra first.

Listen to me please, Rayea.  I know I haven’t been there for you on a lot of occasions, but that will change from this day forward.  I refuse to let you down again.  If I have to kill every god on the Ancient Council, I will not let any harm come to you.  You may not believe it, but you are the reason my heart beats.  You mean more to me than anyone else I know.  You are my best friend.  You saved me from your sister and father’s clutches.  I don’t want to know a world where you don’t exist.  Not having you in my life is not an option for me.  I promise you.  I will not fail you ever again.

I know now that I can’t stand by and watch your fate be decided by others.  There was a reason you were turned into a vampire, even if we don’t fully understand it yet.  Someone out there does.  We’ll find the answers together.

I know this is too much for you to get your head around.  I regret I have to tell you like this, typing it out on a computer.  Take the gift Ra brings you and use it wisely.  Delete this email after you read it.

All my love, Blick.


Feel free to leave a comment, telling me what you think of this portion. Thanks ~ally!

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(Copyright 2012 by Ally Thomas)



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