Announcing a new series, Fanged Love

With the release of the third installment of the Vampire from Hell series, “A Vampire on Vacation,” I’ve decided to release another series. Fanged Love will be a paranormal romance series starting with “Fanged Destiny” and is scheduled to be out this September. To stay current with updates on this and other releases, see “Coming Soon.

What is Fanged Destiny About?

The first installment in the new Fanged Love series, “Fanged Destiny” begins with a tale about Grace, a naive human led astray by her sinister boyfriend, Nathan into a world of bloodletting and vampirism. Grace plans to escape the clutches of her boyfriend as she learns he is selling her to the top buyer, a woman he met on the internet called the new Medusa. Her plan quickly goes wrong when the Angel of Death shows up, telling her she has sent for him. A few characters you have met in the Vampire from Hell series pop in this new series.

Is It Related to the Vampire from Hell?

If you’ve read “A Vampire on Vacation,” then you know Grace makes an appearance in the Vampire from Hell series. It’s very possible that she is the first person Rayea turns into a vampire. As I wrote that chapter in Part 3 called “Chapter 9 – Dead Girl,” I realized it could be a new venture for Rayea to have to care for another vampire, someone very much like her.

A New Venture

As Rayea discovers more about what it means to be a maker in the upcoming installments of the Vampire from Hell series, I’ve decided to embrace a new venture too, one for my writing.  The Vampire from Hell series is more of a paranormal fantasy with a few romance elements, one being Rayea’s relationship with her best friend, the Hellhound Blick. I’m working on a story that is more of a paranormal romance in which Grace explores a relationship with Death as she understands what it means to a vampire.

Sample Passage from “Fanged Destiny”

Here’s a passage from “Fanged Destiny (Fanged Love #1)” where Grace first meets Death and knows him only as a stranger.

Suddenly the tall man yanked a chair from the adjoining table and plopped down next to T.  Sitting across from him, I admired the view.  This stranger was the man I had seen pass by the window a few moments ago.  He took my breath away.  Casually I took inventory of his assets: dark blue jeans, light gray leather jacket, dark T-shirt, light blonde highlights scattered through his dark blonde hair, chiseled face, strong jaw, and amazing blue eyes, the color of sapphires.  His clothes appeared to have been tailor-made to fit his exquisite physique.  I couldn’t take my eyes off of him.  Now that’s what a knight in shining armor should look like, I decided.

As if he could hear my declaration, he gave me a devastating smile.  My heart fluttered.  Before I could stop myself, a stupid notion flew into my head.  I wanted to live.  I wanted to grab this stranger’s hand and run away with him.  I didn’t care anymore.  Where was he from?  He had to be some actor from Los Angeles, visiting San Francisco for the weekend.  He looked like he had walked off a movie set.

I recognized that all three guys were staring at me.  A smirk settled on the stranger’s face while Nathan and T both glared at me.  It was then I realized I had been panting while I gazed at the stranger, panting like a dog.  Oh how embarrassing!

“A woman who knows what she wants when she sees it.”  The stranger lifted a cigarette to his lips and lit it.

“There’s no smoking in her,” Nathan whined.

The stranger glanced at Nathan and then returned his attention to me.  He inhaled deeply and blew cigarette smoke in both guys’ direction.

The smoke sent Nathan into a coughing fit because he was allergic, he said, to any type of smoke.

Slightly I smiled.

“You don’t remember sending for me?” the stranger asked me.

Nathan and T both stopped watching the stranger and turned around to glare at me some more.  “What?” Nathan bellowed.  “What is he talking about Grace?  I told you…”

“I didn’t send for anyone!”  I corrected the stranger, knowing Nathan’s threat from earlier could become a reality.  I didn’t want this guy to lose his life as a result of a misunderstanding.

“Then why did you hurt yourself?” the stranger retaliated as he extinguished his smoke in Nathan’s remaining beer.

“I’ll kill this son-of-a-bitch,” Nathan said and started to stand up from the table.

“No, no!  We don’t have to do anything like that.  Nathan, this guy is confused.”  I pushed myself to a standing position.  A sharp cramp hit me and I froze.  “Clearly, clearly confused,” I added weakly.  I fell into my chair.  Wrapping my arms around my stomach, I rocked my body.  If I could calm myself, I would forget the pain.  Don’t focus on it, I thought.  Forget it.  Forget the pain.  Forget it, I repeated over and over to myself.  I chewed on my lip, hoping to hide my discomfort.

“Grace, I don’t have a lot of time.  We need to get going.”  The stranger’s voice was music to my ears.  He studied me, waiting for a sign of objection.

Can he see that I need his help, I wondered.  “Who are you?” I whispered.  From out of nowhere, a jolt of energy hit me.

The man’s eyes were as dark and powerful as he was.  I probably lost all memory of my relationship with Nathan at that exact moment.  I forgot the wounds pulsating in my stomach.  Without warning, I felt nothing.  I was weightless, free, drifting away.  Was the stranger my way out?  As I stared at him, I placed my hand over my mouth to close it shut, or to think, or just to buy time.  Who are you? I thought.


What’s Unique About This New Story?

Many people don’t know it, but as a person and writer, I’m a very shy. In my current series, I enjoy writing fantasy and some horror elements into my books. Lots of dialogue. A big collection of characters on and off scene. Maybe a sex scene here or there. Lite on the Romance.

The reason for the lack of sex scenes is because they make me uncomfortable to write. I have to be honest.  Granted you may notice that Rayea, the vampire in my current series is totally comfortable with discussions related to sex. She’s good friends with her ex-boyfriend, Death.  That should be an indication right there how okay she is with the topic. She likes to keep her growing list boyfriends at arm’s reach.  The minute they want to have that “let’s get serious” conversation Rayea starts looking for a way out.

I think the reason I gave Rayea that approach towards relationships was because I’m very much that way with writing sex scenes.  Sitting down to write a story, a paranormal romance, where both the heorine and hero are worried about making their relationship work while chaos erupts around them is a big step for me. And one that I think as a writer I want to have the courage to take.

I feel good about this new opportunity because I plan to work more romance, some, into the Vampire from Hell series. Rayea will have decisions to make about her next step in her relationship with Blick, and as many of you know, Rayea broke up with Death once he wanted to get serious. So her approach towards embracing that side of herself, a compassionate, loving dedication to another will weigh heavy on her mind.  Can she do it?  Does she want to? Is she ready to become vulnerable and get hurt?

I’ve included both Fanged Love: The Prequel and the first 4 chapters of the upcoming Fanged Destiny release in “A Vampire on Vacation – The Vampire from Hell (Part 3)” for readers to get an introduction to Grace’s story. I’m hoping everyone really enjoys it! Feel free to leave comments if you’d like to share your thoughts on this new series.

Now back to writing 🙂


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  1. OMG Ally !!! That was great !! I was gluded to my computer screen ! I can not wait until september !!

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