My First Book Release Party Was A Success! Here are the Winners!

Now that the confetti, streamers, and beer bottles have been cleaned up, I’m happy to announce that my first book release party was, in my opinion, a huge success. We had it online in the Ally Thomas and the Vampire from Hell Community Group last Friday, July 6th for my finishing (and releasing) “A Vampire on Vacation,” the third installment in the Vampire from Hell series. 

With it being my first release party, I wasn’t sure how well it would go.  Thankfully readers did show up 🙂 We played games, posted pics, chatted, and had a great time. I have to admit I was focused on getting prizes offered and keeping track of game results and winners, so my participation was more admin than participant. I’ve recently reviewed the ‘transcript‘ for the party since I have it still online at the link below, and it was great to see that indeed everyone had a great time! I’ll certainly be throwing another one again, likely on a Saturday night instead of Friday. Oh and a non-holiday weekend. I learned that was probably not the best idea since some people may have already had plans scheduled.

Special thanks again to the following:

To all my friends and readers who showed up online to support me and jumped in to participate in the games.

To my Panel who helped judge and tally the posts, and offered great suggestions for intermission and breaks through out the evening as well as beer and brownies.

This party’s Panel included my hubby, my baby niece at 11 months old who was more concerned with talking to JJ, my dog or the balloon distribution than judging, my niece and nephew, and JJ, my dog who didn’t appreciate having to share his need for my attention with anyone, especially someone who wanted to pull on his tail (my baby niece). Hence the balloon distraction sponsored by my hubby.

And to my hubby for making sure the projector was up and working on the front lines so all of us in our living room could see the posts together instead of on individual laptops. See pic on the left.

As soon as I get all the items together, gift boxes and other prizes will be shipped out. Here’s a list of various prizes won by readers.  They include:

The Vampire from Hell Book Gift box includes any 3 of my paperbacks of the Vampire from Hell series. Each will be signed and sent to Winner Tammy S.

The Vampire on Vacation Gift Box includes any of these items: A signed Part 3 paperback, Vampire from Hell flip flops (size to be coordinated with winner), and an $10 Amazon gift card which will be going to Winner LoriC.

The Rayea At Home Gift box includes any of the following: A signed Part 3 paperback, a Part 3 coffee mug, packs of  tea, and a selected journal signed by the author. I can’t wait to send this gift box because I think it’s the most personalized one I thought of for this release party.  It’s going to Winner Stephanie S.

Door Prize winners for the best caption (on photos posted at the beginning of the party) were Dana, Mayrose, and Renee. Each one received an ebook of “The Vampire from Hell (Parts 1-3): The Volume Series #1” at Amazon.

We had 3 Grand Prizes too.

Three $25 Shopping Sprees at the Vampire from Hell store at were given to Winners Jaime, Alexandra, and Renee.

Go to my store at to browse items now!



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