Special Request to Readers: Ask for my Books at your Bookstore

I learned an interesting fact today.  The paperbacks for my books are printed on demand meaning if you walk into Barnes & Noble like I did today asking for my books, they aren’t on the shelves.  However they can order one for you.  I asked to have one ordered to see if they’d send it to me.

I also learned that the more people who ask for my books when they visit a bookstore such as Barnes and Noble, the better possibility there is they will start stocking them. The woman behind the customer service desk I talked with told me that is how Fifty Shades of Grey went from being distributed though a small press (I use a small press through Amazon) and moving to a BIG publisher who can send paperbacks of the books via mass distribution. Sound pretty cool?

So hearing that gave me an idea, one I need your help with, if you’re willing.

If any of you would like to help me out with this request, please visit any bookstore and ask for any of my books in paperback. It can’t hurt to start trying for the big time. I hope you don’t mind my asking. I know it sounds rather arrogant of me to do so, but with my going through a small press, it doesn’t have the distribution channels to stock my books along side the big guns in this industry.  That may change one day. I hope it does.

Until I’m going to invest my faith in the internet, in you guys. My home is the internet. I love computers and social networking and I’m online most every day.   it’s where I live and breath, work and write. Between my facebook, tumblr, twitter, and wordpress friends, I have about a 1,000 followers.  Even if half of you went to a bookstore asking about “Ally Thomas and the Vampire from Hell,” I know we’d make some noise.  So yes, I’m asking everyone straight up. The next time you are at a bookstore, inquire about my books, maybe even buy a paperback. (They will have to order it, but they can still get it for you.)

Book Giveaway: If you comment on this article, saying truthfully that you did ask for any of my books at a bookstore, please list the name of the bookstore and its address. I’ll put you in a drawing for the paperback book that I ordered from Barnes and Noble today. The Vampire from Hell (Parts 1-3): The Volume Series #1

THANK YOU 😀 As well I do need to add a special high five to a friend of mine, Kellie who actually did this. She walked into Books-a-Million the other day asking for my books. It’s what gave me the idea to ask about today. Thanks again Kellie!



  1. Thanks Ally for the High Five !! That was GREAT !! My Books-a-Million Store is in the Susquehanna Valley Mall the address is 1 Susquehanna Mall Drive Selinsgrove,PA 17870

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