Fanged Love moves to the back while progress on “The Vampire from Hell Returns” continues

Over the past few days, I’ve been re-evaluating a few writing projects. I’ve been writing several chapters for “Fanged Destiny (Fanged Love #1)” which features a love story between Grace and Demetri. You know him as Death in the Vampire from Hell series.  It seems however that I’m writing a lot of side dialogue in Rayea’s voice. That’s an indication to me that she doesn’t want to sit by and share the spotlight just yet. She may not even want to share Death with Grace! Okay, maybe that last statement isn’t exactly true. However, it does get me to thinking.

When I decided to create a spin-off series featuring the Grace and Death characters, I had thought the perfect timing would be to release the first story this September. Now I realize I want to re-think that notion. So here’s my plan:

Fanged Destiny (Fanged Love #1) is moving to a release time of Spring 2013.

The Vampire from Hell Returns (The Vampire from Hell Part 4) will be released, as originally decided, in October 2012 around Halloween. For readers who’d like to learn more about Grace, the human who drank Rayea’s blood in “A Vampire on Vacation (Part 3)” you actually will be hearing more about Grace’s situation and here’s why.

I’ll be incorporating Grace’s dilemma into Part 4. Will she become a vampire? And if so, what kind of vampire will she be? Will Rayea know what to do? Will she know what to teach Grace? Or will she simply let Grace figure it out on her own, as she has had to do?

Some of those questions are answered already if you realize that I’m going to be writing about this topic in Part 4. It will of course be from Rayea’s point of view. Rayea does want to train Grace, as J and Death wish her to do, but Rayea has a personal predicament of her own looming. She has to get to Hell and rescue her friends, Ashton and Lynn before it’s too late.

Oh yes, life is getting more and more complicated for our Vampire from Hell 🙂

So that’s my news. Back to writing.

Have a great weekend everyone!

~ally 8.11.12


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