New Part 4 Cover Under Wraps – For Now

I’ve decided to do something different for the cover art for my next book in the Vampire from Hell series. “The Vampire from Hell Returns (The Vampire from Hell Part 4)” is scheduled to be released the week of Halloween (Oct. 29 – Nov. 3).

I created a cover many months back and I haven’t really liked it once I looked at it again this summer. So I revamped (sorry for the pun) the cover and now I have it tucked away with all of my Part 4 notes and drafts for the book. Granted you guys may not like it because it is a different chance of pace for the covers for this series, but I think it’s a fun, scary change. And what better time to reveal that different cover except on the book’s release day.

I’ll be using this cover as the “placement holder” and when the book goes live, you will be able to see the new one. I hope you enjoy the wait and are looking forward to Part 4! 🙂




    1. Thanks, A! I love the new cover, but I’m not sure if everyone else will. It’s scary and “in your face” just like Stephanie is in Rayea’s face in Part 4 so it’s very fitting. Let’s see if I can keep it a secret from everyone, including you, my friend cause you know I brainstorm with you on a lot of writing stuff 😛

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