Rayea Needs a Last Name – Can You Help Us?

Posted: September 24, 2012 in Ally Thomas, The Vampire from Hell Returns (The Vampire from Hell Part 4)
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Rayea’s last name is Rose.

While I’m working on the latest part of the Vampire from Hell series, I realized that Rayea does not have a last name. Most of my characters in this series don’t, if you noticed. I didn’t do that for any real reason other than to keep it simple. However, I may be complicating things in the future.

Here’s why…

Suppose Rayea decided one day that she wanted to write her own story, maybe let’s say that story shares past experiences of hers, something darker and more naughty than we have previously read about*. Perhaps she is debating “telling all” to Blick before they take that next step. I know if I was wanting to move forward in a relationhip with my ‘main squeeze’ and I had a few skeletons in the closet, I’d probably want to confess those to him or the world. Better to know now than to find out later, if you know what I mean.

That brings us to our situation. Rayea wants a last name and she wants a Facebook page. I’m rather swamped with writing, so I told her I’d ask all of you for help. If you would please comment and tell us which name is your favorite one from the list below, we’d really appreciate it. I’ll take care of creating the Facebook page once we have a name decided on.

Also, everyone who comments with an answer on this blog post will be entered in a drawing for a free ebook of “The Vampire from Hell Returns (Part 4).”

Thank you for your help!! πŸ˜€ The giveaway goes through Sept. 24th. I’ll let everyone know the deciding name soon after the voting closes. You have until then to comment. One vote per person please.

All are readers suggestions unless otherwise noted.
Rayea Fang
Rayea Rose
Rayea Thorne
Rayea Devlin
Rayea Blaze
Rayea Fox
Rayea Fallen
Rayea De’mon
Rayea Payne
Rayea Hunter
Rayea Dae
Rayea Wynters
Rayea DeAngelis
Rayea Starr
Rayea Killen

*-Please note that my consideration to write a tell-all book from Rayea’s point of view including more details about her past relationships with Death, Michael, Ash and possible other hottie lovers is still simply an idea. I have not decided yet if I’m actually stepping off into that arena. If I do, it would be writing under her assumed last name, and not my name of Ally Thomas. Feel free to add a comment if you have any thoughts on this topic.

  1. Lisa Jennings says:


  2. Heather Phagan says:

    Rayea Rose

  3. Helen jarvis says:

    Rayea rose

  4. Melissa Martin says:

    I like Rose or Blaze.

  5. charlene LaBonne says:

    I like Rayea Thorne

  6. Ast Yo-ViLf says:

    So many good options! Gonna go with Rayea Thorne!

  7. victoria0embers says:

    Rose by all means πŸ˜€

  8. ally thomas says:

    Thanks for all these comments everyone! Rose and Thorne look like they are out in front! It’s tied 4 and 4 for both.

  9. Rayea Thorne sounds good =D

  10. macy kuehn says:

    I like rayea devlin

  11. Jennifer says:

    Rayea Star
    Rayea Fox

  12. johanna says:

    i go with fang.

  13. agonz33 says:

    Rayea Fox

  14. Mayrose says:

    Rayea Fang for me too. if i can come up with another one later I’ll pass it along.

  15. cwolffe says:

    I think Fox or Rose is cool.

  16. Nicky Anderson says:

    Rayea Blaze

  17. Mayrose says:

    Here are a few more to ponder……

    Rayea Fallen…
    Rayea De’mon…
    Rayea Payne…
    Rayea Hunter…
    Rayea Dae…
    Rayea Wynters….
    Rayea DeAngelis….
    Rayea Starr….
    Rayea Killen….

  18. Emma Simpson says:

    Rayea Rose

  19. Roberta says:

    i will vote for blaze

  20. Nancy says:

    I like Rayea Fang or Rayea Thorne.

  21. Liane Craig says:

    Hi Ally, I was thinking maybe she could be Rayea Rose (middle name) Goodchild or Goodheart.

  22. jaimecr76 says:


  23. Lauren Alumbaugh says:

    Rose πŸ™‚
    I would love to read more about her!

  24. Renee' Smith says:

    For me it’s Devlin just sems appropriate being the daughter of the Devil!

  25. Lisa W. says:

    I like (in order)
    Rayea WYNTERS
    Rayea PAYNE
    and finally Rayea FOX
    Shoot, I like them all… LOL!

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