Ally’s Street Team is Up and Running

Today I’m starting the Official Street Team group for the Vampire from Hell series by Ally Thomas.

Why a Street Team?

As an Indie Author, I need help from my readers to promote my books. I’m asking for anyone who likes my books AND they don’t mind getting the word out to others (online or in real life) to help me. It can be whatever you have time to do:
– Share my links on your page
– Tell your friends about my books
– Pass out business cards
– Get little surprise gifts in the mail or your inbox from me
– Get the inside scoop on some of my writing projects

I’ll be thinking up more ideas.

If you’re interested, please ask to Join the Group on Facebook or you can email me at ally at allythomas dot com.

Also you can copy and paste/post this image on your blog or website once you become a member. Please link to my website at

Special Thanks to Kellie, George, and Jaime for their help with designing, creating, and promoting these images for the Vampire from Hell Street Team!


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