Guest Author – Zoey Sweete

Featured author today is Zoey Sweete. She’s the author of the Draven Witch series and she was gracious to sit down with me and do this interview. Be sure to view her contact and purchase links below. She is currently working on her second book in the series. Blood Magic The Draven Witch Series Book 1 is currently on Amazon.

What inspired you to write your first book?

I have been writing since I was about 13. My very first was a short story called a Gamble for Love that was published in Seventeen magazine. It was about a young girl that had a crush on this guy who broke her heart….well needless to say the more I got my heart broke the more I wrote on the book. It is now around 300 pages and titled Wicked Love. I hope to have it out next year sometime. But my inspiration for writing started with my father. He always pushed me to write and told me if I was going to dream to dream big. He was a huge influence on my writing.

What books have most influenced your life most?

The two books that I would say influenced me the most to write would be Playing With Fire by Dani Shapiro and Rose Madder by Stephen King. Both are completely different in genre’s and writing styles, but I fell in love with them both. Playing With Fire is what really got me writing something other than poetry, where Rose Madder inspired me to finish Wicked Love, but I just never had the guts to publish it. I had worked on it for so long and was just afraid, I suppose that’s why I went with Blood Magic first.

What are your current projects?

I am currently preparing to release Blood Vengeance The Draven Witch Series Book 2 releasing October 13th and Blood Destiny The Draven Dynasty Novella Series Book 1releasing soon after if not on the same day. I am also contributing to an anthology of dark short stories and poetry titled Misery Loves Company that will release in December. I will also be a part of two other anthologies, one called Dark Desires which is strictly dark erotica, and the other In the Darkness…When Light Fades, dark paranormal and horror stories. I am also going to try to release Blood Wrathbook 3 inThe Draven Witch Series and Blood Lust book 2 in the Draven Dynasty Novella Series. I also want to get Wicked Love out maybe mid summerish.

Can you share a little of your current work with us?

Here is the blurb for Blood Vengeance: There is an evil rising that wishes to seek havoc….Renee Draven believed her battle was over but her nightmare is just beginning. There is a darkness lurking seeking vengeance; with vengeance comes loss and family secrets will be revealed. Renee will question her lineage and her power; while other Evils play on her doubts she must determine truth from lies. Or will the lies be enough to rip the light from our heroine’s soul? With the past revealed the future holds a shocking conclusion. New heroes will be found and new allies will be made…lives will be lost and hearts will be broken…are you ready for the ride to hell and back? Blurb for Blood Destiny: Before Renee Draven, there was another, the one who began it all. Before demons and mortals separated into their own dimensions, there was a girl sought out to begin the Draven Dynasty. She alone would stand with her Druid King and fight the forces of darkness to ensure the prophecy was fulfilled.  Elena Draven, torn from her home, taken to a foreign land of Magick and creatures that she had only seen in her dreams walking around right before her eyes. With the gift of a magical ferrum, her power comes alive and her destiny lies before her. Kilian, her savior, the Druid King who wishes to make Elena his bride and continue the Draven lineage which will destroy the Winged One, and ensure the Chosen One’s path. Will she learn to trust him and accept his love? Or will their time run out before fate takes their lives? Every story starts somewhere….take the journey into a part of the Draven witches that has never been told and how their Blood Destiny began…..

Who designed your covers?

I have two artists that I use for my covers. MustLove Fangs and Lindsay Anne Kendal Graphics. M.L.F did my cover art for Blood Magic, Blood Vengeance, and Blood Destiny. Lindsay did the cover for the upcoming Blood Wrath. But both do cover art for my company Mystic Press. They are great artists and I know I would be lost without them!! If anyone is interested here are their links to their graphic art pages.

Who is your publisher and what are a few things you like about their business platform?

I publish through my company Mystic Press, but before I started my own company I went through other publishing companies. I learned a lot of what to do and not to do in those experiences. I try to do the things that I would want done for me. I provide book trailers, blog tours, pre release reviews, starter swag kits, and work one on one with all my authors to produce the best book possible. I try to give a higher percentage on royalties than other companies and make sure to give them as much exposure as possible. We are small press right now, but even as we grow I still want things to remain the way they are. I believe in not only forming a solid business partnership but a friendship with my authors.

Do you have anything specific you want to say to your readers?

I love my fans, and readers. They are the reason I keep doing what I do. I try to get to know as many of my fans as I can and always try to let them know how appreciative I am of their support. Fans are the reason we do what we do. They should also be prepared for a wild ride coming up the series is going to get crazy and a lot of unexpected things are going to happen, but that won’t be the last you see of Zoey Sweete. I have plenty of other stories running through my head, I just hope they love them as much as they love the Draven Witch Series.

About Zoey:
Zoey Sweete is not only an author, but the owner of a small press publishing company, Mystic Press and PR company Mystic Marketing and Public Relations. She believes in working one on one with all of her authors and forming not only a business partnership but a friendship as well. These companies were created by an author for authors. Although writing and publishing are her greatest passions, she is also a full time college student through Capella University working to obtain her BA in psychology and will specialize in addiction counseling. Blood Magic is her debut novel in what will be a five book series. Blood Vengeance, book 2, will release on October 13th. There is also a back story novella series, The Draven Dynasty, which will now accompany and act as a guide to the Draven Witch Series. Blood Destiny book 1 in the novella series will release this fall. Zoey is also contributing to several anthologies, the first one, Misery Loves Company releasing from Mystic Press this December. Zoey Sweete lives in Waco Texas with her beautiful 4 year old daughter, who is the sunshine of her life, and her wonderful husband that not only supports her in her writing but the co-owner of both companies.

Contact Links:
twitter: @Zoey_Sweete

Purchase Links:


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