September Street Team Drawing Winners

September 2012

I wanted to let you know this month’s Team Drive featuring a car magnet and/or business cards has closed. I drew 5 names from those who participated and the winners include:

     Corinne |      Billie Jo |      Renee |      Liane |     Misty

Each person won a $5.99 Gift Certificate to Amazon or a free ebook copy of “The Vampire from Hell (Part 4)” which will be released the week of Halloween 2012.  Winners: Please send me the email address you’d like your ebook delivered to by way of Facebook email.

I’d like to thank everyone for participating. Many new members had wonderful suggestions and ideas for where to place the car magnets and/or business cards. I definitely appreciated the feedback and great ideas! I’ll be mailing out all items during October.

The next Team Drive will be for the month of November. If you’re interested in joining my Street Team, Nine openings are left.

The September 2012 Team Drive Details are Below.

If you are interested in participating in this team drive after the fact, please email me at ally at allythomas dot com. Please let me know if you are a current member of the street team or not.

Car Magnets

If you’d like to sport your love for the Vampire from Hell series, you can do so. These car magnets are 5 inches by 5 inches and can be placed on your car, fridge, or any metal surface.

Click the image to enlarge it. That’s a picture of my Mini Cooper by the way who I have named Fefe. I didn’t know until I bought the car last year that you have to nickname your car. Lol!

You can purchase these for $10 or receive one when you join the Street Team for free (while supplies last). I’m trying my best to send a magnet free to everyone who joins, if requested.

Business Cards

Share business cards with your friends to let them know about my book series. You can also post a few on bulletin boards at your favorite bookstore or coffee shop. But please be sure to ask the manager on-call for permission first.

Contact me for the amount you’d like to receive and provide your mailing address.

Other Ways to Help

Being a member of the street team can be whatever you have time to do. Pick from the list below:
– Share my links on your Facebook wall (and/or website/blog)
– Tell your friends about my books
– Go to your local bookstore or library and ask for my books
– Promote my books on any of your social networking sites
– Follow me at, tumblr, and/or Twitter

I’ll be thinking up more ideas, so stay tune!

Special Thanks to Kellie, George and Sunny for their help with designing, creating, and promoting these images for the Vampire from Hell Street Team! My business cards are made through by the way. They do a great job!

Original design for the Fire Vampire was found by Kellie at



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