Freaky Friday Mousepad Giveaway

Posted: October 12, 2012 in Giveaways, The Vampire from Hell series

Today I’m going to have a Giveaway. I’ll be giving this mousepad away to one of you guys 😀 You have until Saturday, Oct. 13th at midnight to enter.

The Question:

What is your favorite quote by Rayea’s sister, Stephanie?

What Do You Do?

To participate, identify the quote. Paste it here in a comment on this article post along with the link to the part (1, 2, or 3) you found it in or just the name of the part.

To win the red Vampire from Hell mousepad,

  • You will need to have the Stephanie quote written correctly and refer to the correct part of the Vampire from Hell series.
  • Names for the Comments posted on the blog article will be put in a drawing for the mousepad.
  • A winner will be selected Sunday, October 14th and announced on my blog

Good luck everyone 😀

  1. Amanda H. says:

    That is a crazy picture.

  2. My favourite quote from Stephanie is: “Even in Hell, we need to keep our sense of humor, sis.” and it is from Part 1!

  3. Jaime says:

    Here is mine: “What would I want from Earth? Come on!” She stormed around my office, waving her hands, her voice shrilled. “Yes, I think I’ll bring Father in here while you’re on vacation and show him your laptop, and iPhone, and your posters, and your books, all of this stupid ‘fan of mankind’ crap. What do you think about that? from TVFH Part 1

  4. Rebecca Miller says:

    “Say hello to my twins”
    Book 2-Stephanie said this to Rayea when she found her and Michael at the gym.
    In the same part I also like “I’m delighted to see you. Do you like my new look? “

  5. Rebecca Miller says:

    Oh book 2 is A Vampire Among Angels-sorry i forgot to put that in my first comment!

  6. Amanda H. says:

    “I’m delighted to see you. Do you like my new look?”

  7. Amanda H. says:

    Mine is from book 2

  8. ally thomas says:

    Great quotes everyone! I love Stephanie’s lines 😀 Thanks for participating!

  9. “Ahhh, someone has developed some colorful language to go with that attitude” Part 2 (my favorite Stephanie line)

  10. Nicky says:

    I bet you even pretend to be human on the internet. What is it you play on again? Mindlook? Twizzler?

  11. Part 3 when Death was asking rayea about what hapened between them “Ray, what happened to us?don’t I still look like Brad Pitt?” He Moved in close, pulling me into his arms. “You decide to go canine on me and bounce off with wolf boy instead?”

  12. darn wrote the wrong one 😦 sorry Ally

  13. Part 3 ~ A Vamoire on Vacation

    When they see each other in the Gym
    “What brings you to these parts, Stephanie ?” You’re looking well.” I yelled at her,wondering if my sarcasm would piss her off .

  14. Paula McKain says:

    Ahhh, someone has developed some colorful language to go with that attitude– Part 2 just love this one!!!

  15. ally thomas says:

    Thanks everyone for the comments 😀 I really appreciate it!! I’ll post the winner tomorrow 😀

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