Eye Candy Sunday and Upcoming News

I decided to declare today “Eye Candy Sunday” which is an excuse for me to post a lovely photo of a male model. This photo here? Well his name escapes me. I do apologize, but enjoy the eye candy just the same.

C.L. Pardington

Yesterday I help a Facebook event and interview for a fellow author friend of mine, C.L. Pardington. It was a wonderful success! She received over 440 views for the article and I gained several new followers.

Talin’s Echo, Book One in her upcoming series – Warriors of the Atlantean Empires series will be available Winter 2012 likely before Christmas. Be sure to view her interview article that I posted yesterday so you can read the Chapter 1 excerpt. (Article link is above.)

New Followers

Thank you to my new followers! I do appreciate your being here and taking an interest in my fantasy paranormal series, the Vampire from Hell.

My Writing

The progress on Part 4 is going well. I have also been working on another sideline project with Rayea. Did you guys know she has a last name now and website? Rayea will be hosting a blog hop with me on November 9th called Autumn’s Harvest Blog Hop (sponsored by Carrie Ann). It should be a blast! Over 200 authors/bloggers are signed up and you can enter to win three different prizes! Details to be announced on Nov. 9th! Stay tune.

Upcoming Guests

My next featured author on my blog will be Wendy Ely. Wendy will will be stopping by November 11 to do a guest spot on my blog. Wendy is a contemporary romance author. She writes some romantic suspense, really hot stories, and the wonderful happily-ever-after. Learn more.

Have a great Sunday everyone!




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