Fanged Love Has a New Cover

Recently I updated my Free ebook – Fanged Love: The Prequel with a new cover. I’ll be releasing the follow up to this story featuring Grace and Demetri later this summer.

Click the image to view Fanged Love on Amazon.
Click the image to view Fanged Love on Amazon.

What is Fanged Love: The Prequel About?

In one night Grace realizes her boyfriend is destined to be her greatest enemy. Following Nathan into a world of bloodletting and vampirism was a bad idea and she wants out. Grace plans to escape the clutches of her controlling boyfriend as she learns he is going to sell her to the top buyer, a woman he met on the internet called the new Medusa.
Grace’s plan quickly changes when the Angel of Death shows up, telling her she has sent for him. Will Grace seek salvation in the arms of this stunningly, handsome man known as Demetri?
A few characters you have met in the Vampire from Hell series appear in this new series.
Excerpt from Fanged Love: The Prequel

A few minutes passed.  Maybe more.  My eyes flew open.  Nathan and T sat, hunched over each other at the table.  They look like they were lovers, having just fallen asleep in each other arms.  The stranger sat by them finishing a cigarette.

“What did you do to them?” I asked.

His very tan and well-manicured hand reached out and grabbed mine.  He placed a white linen handkerchief in my hand and proceeded to wipe away the blood on my hand.  He dabbed it a few times in T’s beer and gently cleaned the blood from my face.  The cold liquid instantly revived me.  Or was it his touch?  A fleeting thought flew through my mind.

“Always worried about others?  It’s a fine trait to have if it doesn’t get you in trouble,” he said.

“Are they dead?”

“No, they’re just sleeping.  Don’t worry.”

“I don’t believe you.  You killed them!”

“No, no, of course not.  Here.”  The stranger grabbed Nathan’s limp arm and flopped it on the table.  “Feel his pulse.  It’s still there.”

Pausing for a moment, I did feel a rapid heartbeat pulsing under Nathan’s clammy skin.

“You, on the other hand, you’re dying.  You realize that, don’t you?”

I shrugged my shoulders.  Giving up was my best option, I thought.  “So,” I said decisively.

He smiled at me again.  A low chuckle rumbled in his throat.

Quickly I glanced away, hoping to not get distracted again by his beauty.  But if this was the last thing I saw on Earth, this gorgeous man, what was wrong with that?

“I like your optimism,” the stranger spoke up.

“Did I say that aloud?”

“No, I can hear your thoughts.  As an Angel of Death, I can hear mortals’ thoughts.”  His dark blue eyes fixed on me, intensely, almost seductively.

I gasped.  The room started to spin.

“You sent for me, Grace,” Death replied.  “It’s time we get going.  Okay?  We’re not safe here.”

I gripped the sides of the table to steady myself and muttered something about not wanting to leave Nathan, that I wasn’t ready, that I didn’t fully understand his request, that I was too young to die, and that I was fine to stay here.  I couldn’t think straight.  I couldn’t process what this man was saying to me.  Was he really who he said he was?

He leaned in closer and whispered to me, “Don’t faint, Grace.  Don’t.  It’s best if we don’t make a scene here in the bar.  However…”  His hand delicately rubbed the inside of my throat.  “I can carry you if it comes to that.  Is that fine?”

I nodded without knowing what it meant.  I just nodded.  If he truly was the Angel of Death, why not go with him?

“Let me make a quick call and we’ll go, okay?”

Again I simply nodded.  I was unable to form any words of objection.

Learn More – Click here to download the ebook for free on Amazon.
View more of my covers for myself and other authors at Book Covers and Photography by Ally Thomas.


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