A Nice Review for The Vampire from Hell

Parts 1-3 are included in this volume.
Parts 1-3 are included in this volume.

A fellow Indie author, Gaston Sanders posted three reviews to my books on Amazon. One for Part 1, Fanged Love, and then today I saw a review for “The Vampire from Hell – Parts 1-3“. I thought I’d post the final one here because it’s always fun to see what other authors think of your writings. Happy Saturday everyone!

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“I have just finished reading The Vampire From Hell, and I can only say “absolutely amazing…” This book puts a new spin on what it’s like to be a vampire and still be a computer savy, texting, tweeting, facebooking young teen aged girl. The book is humorously done with very entertaining characters and dialogue to it. I felt like I new the characters very well by the end of the first chapter. My congratulations to the author on presenting a wonderful, entertaining read. I highly recommend this book to all vampire lovers.”

Gaston Sanders, Author

Please note this was an unsolicited review. I don’t know Gaston.

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