Featured Author Sharon Hamilton (Announcing SEAL Brotherhood Series, Book 4 & Giveaway)

Today Sharon Hamilton is on my blog, sharing an excerpt from her upcoming book in the SEAL Brotherhood series! Sharon will be sharing swag from her wonderful series as part of the Grand Prize I’m offering at the end of my Anniversary Edition release party this Sunday. Click here to learn more. I’d like to again thank her and the other authors who are contributing! Also check out the Giveaway Sharon is offering today! See below. Please welcome Sharon!

Thank you so much, Ally, for the opportunity to connect with your awesome readers and other great writers who frequent your site. An honor.

I’m working on Book 4 in the SEAL Brotherhood series as you read this. I’ve completed a novella, called SEAL The Deal, which will come out in a military anthology on Veteran’s Day. Shortly thereafter, this novella will be released in expanded form as a full-length book.

Click the image to view.
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Writing the SEALs series has been a great joy for me. Each guy on SEAL Team 3 will have his own book, eventually. Since men come and go on the teams all the time, I always have fresh faces for upcoming books. I know writers who run out of brothers and sisters and cousins, etc. I don’t have to stretch very hard, because the SEAL Teams are always changing as members retire or get added.

My hero in Book 3 is a Puerto Rican, Armando Guzman. Like all the SEALs, he is extremely protective of his family, particularly his sister, Mia, who has made some bad choices in her life. He’s confused by one choice: her best friend, Gina Mancuso. Despite the fact that he thinks she is a gangbanger, he is attracted to her, and allows a hot affair to explode.

But Gina is an undercover cop, intent on arresting Mia and the rest of the gang she hangs out with. Her affair with her Person Of Interest’s brother only complicates things, to the point that it almost blows the whole mission. Her ex-lover is also a cop, and a member of the under cover team as well.

I explored some light bondage issues in this book, as Armando and Gina act out some sexual fantasies. Nothing too heavy. I write what I like to read.

If you haven’t yet tried reading a military romance, I encourage you to do so. Many people are new to the genre. These guys are the epitome of Alpha Hero. They are trained killers, but have been given no training in love and the wars of the heart. Put them in harm’s way, and they are relaxed, comfortable. They get to wear their hair longer than regular military, don’t salute their commanding officers or wear patches that distinguish them from anyone else in the field.

There are only about 2000 Navy SEALs, spread out over ten teams between the east and west coasts. The training to become a SEAL is offered to only about one in one thousand regular Navy recruits. Out of those that apply, less than 20% actually pass the training, and many classes have percentages much lower than that. The SEAL Brotherhood is as strong as the Brotherhood of Blue for police. These are men who have risked their lives for each other. They depend on each other in and outside the arena of battle.


I hope you’ll give my stories a try. Here is an excerpt from Book 4, SEAL The Deal, which comes out November 11:

Devon parked her Lexus a distance away from the rock-spraying beast of a vehicle Nick was probably driving, and secretly hoped he’d not be there.

Her luck wasn’t that good.

He still sucked all the air out of the room. He was standing at Sophie’s little sink washing dishes. And he was singing, rocking his hips from side to side. Was this the song from Flashdance?

I’m a maniac—“

            She had to break in on him.

“Well look at you, all dressed up and being so domestic?” She crossed her arms, tilted her head and enjoyed the surprised expression coming from Nickolas’ face. He hit the water Fawcett with his fist to slam it shut and dried his hands. Then he slowly perused the length of her body, leaving no part unexplored. His emerald green eyes were blazing.

Still the same cocky son of a bitch. Devon knew he didn’t care if he got caught ogling her, so confident he was that a rejection wasn’t anywhere in his future.

His butt leaned against the tiled countertop. He threw down the towel and mirrored Devon’s stance with crossed arms. “Been awhile, Dev.”


“Right. Still don’t like me, do you?”

“You’re a good judge of character,” she answered. “I’ll give you that.”

“You’re just as scrappy as Sophie told me you’d be.” He smiled as if his approval mattered to her.

“I’ll just leave you to your work, then.”

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Click the image to view on Amazon.

“Oh the dishes are done. I was going to sweep the floor and then wash all the windows. But you go ahead and do all that computer stuff you Realtors do. Way beyond me.”

In a huff, Devon sat down at the plank tabletop and opened up her computer. She laid the manila folders she’d brought stacked on top of each other. She crossed her legs and ran her fingers through her hair at the back of her scalp, took a deep breath and began logging on to the internet, doing a property search. She tried to focus.

The soft sweeping sound of Sophie’s broom brushing against the cool concrete floor of the shop was distracting to her. Didn’t help much that Nick grabbed the handle with such force, he could almost break it. His forearm muscles were nearly as big as her thighs. His shoulders moved with sinewed grace underneath smooth tanned skin. The mop top of blonde hair went in all directions. He tickled her feet as he extended under the table and swept the area around her.

“Does that bother you?” he asked. He’d leaned his chin on the end of the broomstick.

“As in, were you trying to?”

“Nope. It was an honest question.” The sparkle in his eyes made him out to be a liar. Devon knew there wasn’t anything honest about him, except for the way his animal magnetism was making her lose her focus.

“You want some coffee, Devon?” he asked.

“Wow. You clean the dishes, sweep the floor, and you make coffee? The Navy must have trained you well. What did they do get some of the senior wives to come in and give you pointers?”

“I don’t need any pointers.”

In spite of herself, she blushed. Damn.

He turned, fired up the coffee grinder and started a fresh pot of brew, all with his back to her. He had a variety of Celtic crosses and symbols poking up above the collar of his T-shirt. She could see discoloration from beneath the white cotton fabric, which covered his shoulders, upper arms. One long stream of tats looking like footprints of a three-legged toad was inked on his right inside forearm. She watched the enormous V of his upper torso leading to the small waist, his deltoids and lats so tight they looked like they’d hurt. In spite of herself, she wondered what they would feel like—

He caught her staring as he turned around and stealthily crossed the room with two mugs of the hot black coffee. Placing one next to her computer, within arms reach, he took a seat right across from her.

“I dare you to say there’s a better cup of coffee anywhere.” His deep green eyes were almost iridescent.

She ignored him and continued to work on the computer lists she had opened. Nick sipped his coffee with loud slurps, his eyes still focused on Devon.

She didn’t care how long he stared. She wasn’t going to return the gaze. She frowned, consulted her yellow-lined tablet and kept tapping on the keys. Her red nail polish matched the red suit she had worn. Now she wished she’d worn black.

Click to view on Amazon.
Click to view on Amazon.

One of her heels fell of her crossed leg and plopped to the ground. She briefly looked up at him, only to see the wiggle of his eyebrows, and the unspoken offer to crawl under the table and place the patent leather pump back on her foot. That would mean he’d have a hand on her calf as he adjusted the shoe. He’d hold her ankle with both his plates for hands, and his fingers—

Feeling very much like an insect impaled with a pin in a collection box, she inhaled loudly and picked up her clacking pace.

He sat and watched her.

The room was beginning to heat up. It felt like the late fall weather pattern was going hot, which meant some long sweaty nights with the crickets chirping, since Sophie’s house didn’t have air conditioning. Neither did this place.

“You should have worn something sleeveless.”

“What do you care what I wear?”

“I just wanted you to be comfortable.”

“Oh really? Is that why you sit there and make an obnoxious ass of yourself while you watch me work? You think that’s some kind of fun?”

“I enjoy watching beautiful women.”

“Really? Women you don’t know? Women who don’t care in the slightest anything about you? Sounds like a rather pathetic way to spend a few minutes.”

“Not from over here.”

She shot up. “Enough. Nick, go outside and make yourself useful. I’m sure there are some weeds to pull or some walkways to rake.”

He shrugged. “Suit yourself.” He took his mug and walked outside into the afternoon sunlight. But the air was still sucked out of the room.

Click the image to view.
Click the image to view on Amazon.

Devon’s heart rate was thumping and she’d soaked through the suit.

Whatever it was she’d dreamt about five years ago was still there. Lurking. Waiting to pounce.


SEAL Under Covers is available now on Amazon for Kindle.

Book 1: Accidental SEAL
Prequel to Book 1 (short): SEAL Encounter
Book 2: Fallen SEAL legacy
Prequel to Book 2 (short): SEAL Endeavor
Book 3: SEAL Under Covers

View Sharon’s Amazon Author page.


What would you like to see my SEALs do? Anything you think would make a great plot twist or storyline? A situation? Every commenter will be given a copy of ONE of the three Kindle versions of the Brotherhood Series: Accidental SEAL, Fallen SEAL Legacy or SEAL Under Covers.

Be sure to leave your email address in your comments if you want the giveaway. Thanks for stopping by today!


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Ally Thomas loves writing fantasy and paranormal books that showcase vampires, werewolves, zombies, witches, and any furry monsters who go bump in the night. She enjoys imagining new origins for these traditional creatures and seeing where it'll take her. Ally lives in the south with her husband and unproductive furry co-workers including two cats and a dog. She is currently working on the next installment of the fantasy paranormal series, the Vampire from Hell and the upcoming paranormal romance series, Fanged Love. Learn more at www.allythomas.com.

10 thoughts on “Featured Author Sharon Hamilton (Announcing SEAL Brotherhood Series, Book 4 & Giveaway)”

  1. All sharons book are a wonderful read, The SEALs are the ideal heroes. Id like to see 1 of the SEALs fall in love with an older woman. Cant wait to read the new 1 sounds good. Wish Sharon all the best with her writing

  2. Sounds like another hot book Sharon!!! Those SEALs know how to heat up the blood 😀 YUM YUM
    I was wondering if any women get in the SEAL training… hmmm

  3. I’m a new follower and look forward to reading her series! I agree with an earlier commenter and I think we need a women navy seal get her man!

    1. Sannon, it will happen now that they’ve cleared the decks for trying out. That said, probably will still be awhile before we’ll see our first one. They’ll be careful, but it will make headlines, for sure!

  4. As much as it would cause a riot, I would like to see the team go on a mission and be MIA for awhile and the resulting affect if would have on their women. Obviously the story would focus on their effort to get home, but with the women’s POV in the background. I’m currently reading SEAL Under Covers and will have a review up soon Sharon. I’m loving it so far, as of course I would. *winks*

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