Featured Author Trina M. Lee with 2 Giveaways

Freak-Show-siteToday Trina M. Lee is on my blog with an excerpt from her upcoming book in the Alexa O’Brien Huntress series, FREAK SHOW.  Click here to view all her books on Amazon. Check out the questions she answered for us and the great excerpt. We have a giveaway today too! Happy Monday everyone! ~ally

1.  What is your book about and what genre are you writing in?

My series is urban fantasy. It’s about a werewolf with a unique power bond to a vampire. Alexa learns to juggle living with elements of both creatures while seeking her true purpose and kicking some ass while doing it.

2. Are you an Indie Author? If so, what do you like about independent publishing?

I’m a hybrid author. I’ve been published traditionally and independently. I highly prefer the Indie pub world. Being in control of every aspect is liberating and I love being able to oversee every step of the publishing process. The growth of the indie industry is exciting and essential in the publishing world today.

3. What book are you reading now?

I’m currently reading Heart of Venom by Jennifer Estep.

Giveaway 1

Trina_setI’d like to thank Trina for being on my blog today! She’s donating some swag to the Grand Prize as a part of my next release party for The Vampire from Hell Returns (Part 4)Medium_P4click here to join and so today I’m snagging a few items to put in a Giveaway.

In today’s giveaway, I’ll be sending out a set of Trina’s swag for her Alex O’Brien Huntress series. It includes 2 Freak Show key chains, an insert of books 6 and 7 and the Whisper to Scream novella featuring Alexa, and 3 book magnets.

To Enter Giveaway 1, comment on this blog and included your email address. One winner will be randomly selected at the end of the day.

Giveaway 2

Trina sent me additional Freak Show key chains that I’d like to share with her fans, so if you’d like a key chain, please add a comment to this article. I’ll select a few random winners for Giveaway 2 as well. Trina_keychains

Freak Show, Alexa O’Brien Book 7 Book Excerpt:

“Arys is on his way,” I said, giving him a stony stare.

“He left your side in this city? You must be stronger than you look. Or else he’s grown careless.”

“Come on now, Roscoe,” the vampire’s name fell from my lips, surfacing from my subconscious. “You know Arys better than that.”

Roscoe was visibly surprised. He hid it quickly. “It’s just like Harley said, isn’t it? You and Arys. You’re the one he was dreaming about all those years ago.”

It was my turn to be surprised. I didn’t know how much Harley’s vampires knew about me. Arys was far from the only vampire he had sired. There were others, including Roscoe. I couldn’t willingly access each of Arys’s memories. A blessing in disguise I was sure. Having them all free flowing in my mind would likely be too much to handle. But there were clearly a few things he needed to tell me.

“Whatever Harley said, I’m sure it was fabricated from his delusions.” I scowled and sipped from my drink. Harley was a bitter subject for both Arys and I, each for different reasons. I doubt that will ever change.

Roscoe chuckled, a low throaty sound that struck another hidden chord in my memory. He shifted in his chair, his scent wafting to me. He smelled like expensive cologne, cigarettes and blood, all rolled into one nose assaulting odor.

“Sounds like you really knew him.” Roscoe leaned across the table, dangerously close. He ignored Shaz who leaned in as well. “Before you killed him.”

“We’re not playing this game. I came here to escape masculine, pseudo macho bullshit and head games. Spare me the crap.” I held his gaze, letting the wolf show in my eyes. I kept my power tightly contained so it wouldn’t change my brown eyes to Arys’s vampire blue. This guy didn’t need to see it.

Jez glanced nervously at the door as a cold wind swept over me with Arys’s arrival. He strode into the bar with a cool, composed demeanor. But I could feel the storm building within him.

Arys was a dark dream in black leather. Blue jeans and a white t-shirt along with a leather jacket and his sexy mess of ebony hair gave him a slightly 50s greaser look. No matter how many times I saw him walk into a room, I couldn’t help but swoon.

With the grace of the undead he moved through the bar, his dark blue gaze locked on Roscoe who stood in time for Arys to grab him around the throat. He jerked the other vampire close and shook him.

“What the hell do you want, Roscoe?” Arys snarled. “You know what happens if any of you touch her.”

Roscoe raised both hands and shook his head. “Hey, brother, take it easy. There’s been no touching. Just scoping out the tip that you were in town.”

“I have as much a right to be here as you do. We won’t be here long so just stay out of our way.” Arys released his hold on Roscoe but didn’t step back out of his personal space.

“You know Jenner will want more than that. Why are you here?” Roscoe was the first to step back, an action that spoke volumes. They may have been sired by the same vampire but Arys had dominance here.

Jenner…that name rang a bell though I couldn’t put a face to it. When I killed Harley, I hadn’t entertained the idea that I may have to face the vampires tied to him. It had been hard enough to face Arys. I was starting to get nervous. Maybe we should have gone to L.A. instead.

“Tell Jenner he should be on his knees praying every night that I don’t show my face in his club while I’m here. If he wants trouble, I’ll bring him trouble.” The atmosphere hummed with the intensity of Arys’s growing ire.

Nobody in the bar paid him any attention. They were all too caught up in their own evasion of reality to notice or care about the two men glaring at one another like dogs about to fight.

Roscoe slid a glance my way. “You shouldn’t have brought her here.”

“Why? Are you afraid of her? You probably should be.”

“Look, Arys, I have no issue with you. But I’m Jenner’s right hand. I’m just here to deliver a message. Get out of town, or be driven out of town.”


About the Author

Trina M. Lee was born in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Writing fiction since childhood, a fascination with the supernatural developed in her early teen years and an immersion in paranormal fiction began. Trina enjoys hearing from readers and has an active social media presence.

Website: TrinaMLee.com
Facebook: Facebook.com/AuthorTrinaMLee
Twitter: Twitter.com/TrinaMLee
Amazon: Author Page



  1. Oh My Gosh(: I love Trina’s Huntress Series. I’m so psyched for her next book FreakShow! Trina first captivated me into her books with OnceBitten, ever since then I’ve been addicted to them. Sadly I finish them toooooo soon-.- but that’s just how awesome they are. Hopefully I’m picked for the first giveaway (: I would be the happiest human alive:’D

  2. The excerpt was fabulous…only makes me even more anxious for the next book!! I finished Whisper to a Scream in a couple hours and can’t wait for Freak Show! Love Trina M. Lee and Alexa! I think I’m going to have to check out your books, Ally Thomas…they look fabulous! :o) I’m always looking for more series to read! :o) mserinb@yahoo.com

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