Winners for Wolfen Secrets Release Party

giftboxParty Winners are as follows. Thanks again everyone!  Congrats to all our winners and thanks so much to everyone participating in the games. We had a blast! Special thanks to Catherine Wolffe for letting me co-host the party with her.

Game #1 Risha – Catherine to send you a $5 Amazon gift card.
Game #2 Dawno and Malinda – Catherine to send you both Wolfen Secrets as Kindle or Nook.
Game #3 DeAnna and Barbara – Ally to send Catherine’s Wolfen Secrets to you both as Kindle or Nook.
Game #4 Angela and Kellie – Catherine will gift you both any ONE ebook of Ally’s (current or upcoming ebook).
Game #5 Nikki and Christine – Ally will gift you both any ONE of Ally’s ebooks (current or upcoming).
Game #7 Barbara – Catherine to send you a $5 Amazon gift card.

On Amazon

Catherine’s book is live on Amazon today. Click here for details the latest release in the Western Werewolf Legend series.Wolfen_Kindle

What is Wolfen Secrets About?

Not only do our dreams hold secrets to our future, but as Sonja Brooks discovers they also hold the keys to immense danger for her kind. Sonja finds the western werewolf pack in great peril when she and her mate, Tyler Loflin have to take on the vampires and their undead magic.

When confronted with vampires that won’t ever die, Tyler Loflin has to formalize a plan to protect the woman he loves as well as the men who are like brothers to him. The only problem is keeping the plan a secret from Sonja, who is the alpha she-wolf of their pack.

Grand Prize

Enter the Catherine’s Grand Prize!
Up for grabs, 2 autographed books from Catherine WolffeSharon Hamilton, Wolf T-Shirt, an autographed poster of Jimmy Thomas, signed bookmarks from Ally Thomas and Alexandra Anthony and more.


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