Join Us – Catherine Wolffe’s New Release and Giveaways

Happy Friday! We’re putting on our cowboy hat today for Author Catherine Wolffe!

Today > Friday, March 7th, Catherine is releasing the second book in her western romance series, The Loflin Legacy. Join us TONIGHT for the Facebook event for Casey’s Gunslinger. Click here or on the banner below.

Usually I read paranormal fiction. I’m not one to pick up a western romance, but I can definitely say after reading an advance copy of Casey’s Gunslinger I’m enjoying the western world and romances created by Catherine Wolffe.

About Casey’s Gunslinger

When Casey St. Clair returns to Tyler to locate her birth father, she seeks the help of the town’s attorney, the wickedly handsome, Charles Harrison. Abandoned as a baby by the town’s most influential man, Earl Loflin, Casey’s plan includes going to any length to shame the man who sired her. Charles sees her plan as a foolhardy attempt at revenge. He’ll do his best to protect her without resorting to the methods of his past. But when his past comes calling and Casey walks blindly into a trap, he’s the only man who can save her and any future they have together. Casey’s Gunslinger is the second book in the Loflin Legacy series. Learn more at

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Cover Design by Ally Thomas
Cover Design by Ally Thomas


He moved toward her.  “Casey, something’s wrong.  I want you to tell me, did he do or say something to upset you?”

The stern, protective quality was there in his question now.  Oh, for a father who truly cared.  Still unable to meet his gaze, she shook her head.  “I said no.  What more do you want?”  With the last question, she managed to yank free, putting her desk between them.

Charles rounded the oak slab smoothly, gripping her forearm before turning her to face him.  “I want you to tell me everything.  For example, what he said, the questions he asked and the answers you gave him.  I’m your attorney.  Talk to me.  I’m here to help.”

His eyebrows lifted in what could only be described as sympathy.  Damn him!  She didn’t want his sympathy.  Struggling against growing madder by the second, Casey yelped when he pulled her up on her toes, kissing her solid on the mouth.  Unable to get free, she fisted her hands, beating on his chest until he gathered her closer, pinning her body next to his.

“Easy, I won’t bite.”  He buried his face in her nap.  “Um, you smell good.”

Shocked, Casey squirmed to no avail.

“I’m not letting go until you tell me what went on here in my absence.  Understood?”  Now his brows drew together in a benevolent interrogation of sorts.  How did she get herself into these predicaments?  With as much patience as she could muster, she went through the whole ordeal.  “Now, are you satisfied?”

“No, I’m not.”  Pausing to lean in, Charles captured her mouth again, only this time, he took his time, lingering over every inch of her lips.  He slanted his mouth against hers, shifting to taste her with his tongue.  “Do you always protest a man’s attentions so violently?”

Stiffening in his arms, she squeaked when he lazily ran his hand up and down her back, ending possessively on her rear.

“Ah, you’re so damn sexy.”  The groan, which rumbled from deep in his throat, spoke of desire and untold pleasure.


If you join us for tonight’s Facebook party event, you can get in on several giveaways by me, Catherine Wolffe, and Wendy Ely! I hope you’ll join us!

Ally Thomas, Author of the Vampire from Hell series

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