Snippet from Blood of the Gods (Part 5) – Chapter 1

Here’s a snippet from Chapter 1 – Deadness in Blood of the Gods (The Vampire from Hell – Part 5) which is currently in progress. Happy Monday and Enjoy!

SPOILER ALERT: Please note: If you have not read The Vampire from Hell Returns (Part 4), the following excerpt does contain spoilers.

Please Note: The following sample may or may not be the final version that is included in the edition on the release date.

Chapter 1 –Deadness

Being dead is a lot like sitting all by yourself inside your own head.  No light.  No noises.  No interaction with others.  Nothing except blackness before your eyes.  Silence.  It was a far greater hell than I’d ever want to wish on anyone, even my enemies.

Probably the one thing that kept me going doing my prison in darkness was the dreams.  The images of my being with a man I hoped to meet someday.  He was taller than me by several inches.  I’d enjoy staring up into his gleaming gold eyes and rugged face.  His black hair framed his face nicely, and I’d giggle to myself when his long bangs fell into his eyes because his hair seemed to annoy him, but not enough to cut it.  His voice was deep.  A sound I dare say comforted me.  It seemed I felt safe with him, when I’d dream of him.  I’d spend hours staring off into a dark abyss, and when sleep finally took me, he was there, holding me in his arms, or sitting with me, or listening to me talk, or…well, I’m not going to kiss and tell.  You know what I mean.

Rarely he’d speak.  Sometimes he did.  Mostly he’d whisper in my ear or along the inside of my neck.  His touch was soft and warm, very inviting.  He was always so near to me when I dreamed of him.  Even though he always refused to tell me his name, I knew I could trust him.  I enjoyed that feeling of contentment.  In my hole of despairing death, I clung to that one feeling.  Dare I say, I survived because of that one decision I had made, to trust the man in my dreams.

I stayed like that for months I suppose.  I don’t really know how long it was.  I just know I woke up one morning.  I woke up to new challenges.  New realizations.  New situations.  A whole lot of questions, and a room filled with walking and talking skeletons.

The kicker?

I didn’t know who I was.  I had no memory of anything before that first day.  My rebirth day, I called it.  I knew nothing at all.  I had no idea I was the Vampire from Hell.  I didn’t know my father was Satan or that I had a sister who looked like Medusa’s younger niece.  I didn’t know that both of them were dead because of me.  I didn’t know that my friends and my best friend, Blick desperately struggled to find me.  And to add to my discontent, I had no idea that I had a lot of blood on my hands.  I had killed many people, good and bad.  Likewise, I had no idea of any of my past indiscretions with an angel who was now an angelic vampire or with an actor who I was told I would drool over.  None of it made sense to me.  It was a tale told by others, a tale I couldn’t believe or understand.  My own life was not my own.  I was walking around, waiting for the other fang to drop.  (Sorry for the pun.)  A feeling in the back of my skull told me I would soon learn it all.  And for better or worst, I would have to deal with the consequences of my past actions.

(To Be Continued)

About Blood of the Gods (The Vampire from Hell – Part 5)

In the fifth installment of the Vampire from Hell series, it’s open season on the Ancient Council. Angels and gods alike are being systematically wiped out. Only one person can save them, the vampire from Hell, but how can Rayea do that when she doesn’t recall who she is?

For more information on this book’s release date, see Coming Soon.


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