Zombies Unleashed is Live

Zombies Unleashed (The Vampire from Hell Part 6) is now Live!
Check out these links!
Amazon | Amazon UK | Barnes & Noble

Find more links at my website – http://thevampirefromhell.weebly.com/now-available.html or email me for availability.

About Zombies Unleashed
The last thing Rayea, the Vampire from Hell needs to worry about is a zombie invasion. In the sixth installment of this series, Rayea realizes contending with creatures forged by her father, Satan may be a reality for her and her friends on Earth. Her walking nightmare begins as Rayea struggles to deal with the ongoing complications of her life: a wedding to plan, the world to save from zombies, and an unexpected call for help from her evil sister, Stephanie.

Pre-Orders – Special Note!
Thanks to all of you who pre-ordered this book! I had over 200 people snag their ebook copy immediately on Amazon. I do have to let you know that if you pre-ordered the book you have one more chapter to read that was no included in that first and second edition of the book. Chapter 15 is available on my website for you to read. Click here to read that chapter.

What’s Up Next?
Up next is the first book in a new series called Generation Z. I’m working on Zombie Wolf (Generation Z: Book 1) now and hopefully this will be released this Spring, probably late April. Read more about Zombie Wolf at http://thevampirefromhell.weebly.com/coming-soon.html


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