Small Space Living Anniversary

A year ago this month, I moved from a 2,000 square foot house into a 900 square foot apartment with my hubby. The decision finally came when our two income paychecks became one, and a small one at that. Downsizing became our best option and selling our lovely home became a necessity.

Thus, our small space living experiment began. Never in a million years would I have expected to have to change my life so much or that it would take a toll on me mentally and creatively. My last book was released three years ago and since then I’ve written a few story ideas and a couple of blog articles. And that’s about it. Thankfully, that is about to change.

But what do we go through when we have to “downsize” let’s say.

  • Do we have to throw away a lot of stuff we never used in the first place? Stuff that just sat in various rooms or closets, waiting to be noticed? Yes
  • Do we have to make hard decisions about what we will keep and what we will give away, or what we can sell for an extra buck? What we will have space for and what we won’t? Yes
  • Do we have to let go of all the clutter, the collections, and the “I’ll use that some day” items of 10+ years and re-evaluate what really matters and what doesn’t? Yes
  • Do we have to have to get our priorities straight and basically just start over? Absolutely

What happens to us when or if we make it to the other side of sanity?

In my case, I gave away a ton of stuff, sold the majority of my book collection to make a fast buck for moving expenses, and pawned almost all of my expensive camera equipment. I stored many items I’ll have to go through in the next few years at a storage facility and moved only those things that I needed for immediate, daily living into our small apartment. I rescued a few apartment cats last Spring because that’s a trait of mine that will never die, and I started a plant collection on our tiny patio that I like to call my Patio Garden.

What did I learn after all of it was said and done?

I learned that even though I have a personality that likes to collect and hold on to memorabilia, I have to focus on living in the present. I can’t hold on to things someday I’ll use or make scrapbooks of to remember. I can keep a few things, but not everything.

Most importantly, I learned that all the stuff that is hanging out now in my small closet, under our queen-size bed, on a few bookshelves, and tucked away in a few desk drawers means nothing compared to my relationship with my hubby, my family, and my furry babies. We’ll that’s enough of that.

Who’s ready to start writing?

Happy Monday!





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