New Release – Vampire Wolf

Zombie Bite: Part 1 is live!

What’s the story about?

Twenty-three year old Sasha Evans wasn’t sure what happened when she raised a shotgun at her husband of two years and pulled the trigger. As far as she could tell, he wasn’t her husband anymore. The face staring back at her was some kind of creature filled with rage, not her husband. She had to defend herself or else.

Shapeshifting warrior, Zachary Kerzek and his team travel throughout the solar system, keeping a check on any sightings of zombies. On Earth, Zachary’s destiny unfolds when he comes face to face with an innocent bystander who gets bitten. If he doesn’t do something to save her, she’s as good as dead.

Where can I get this book?

Zombie Bite, Part 1 is today on Apple, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.

And Available 2/2/2021 on Amazon. Pre-order now!

What else is in the series?

Be on the lookout for the other parts in the Vampire Wolf series.

Part 2 – Blood Moon
Part 3 – Rage Virus
Part 4 – Blood Requiem

Where is The Vampire from Hell?

As my readers know, I have been missing in action since my last book was published January 2015. I’ve been working on Rayea’s story and have 6 parts planned to continue The Vampire from Hell series into 2021-2022. Demon Invasion (The Vampire from Hell Part 7) is up next and currently in progress.

Once all 6 parts are complete, this collection will be release as a set.

~ally 12_11pm 1/31/21


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