Five Things Never Put in Writing

If you work in an office and send emails throughout the day, you may have an idea of what to include in an email and what to leave out. You may notice that people may say things over the phone that they would not put in writing. At the same time, you may document things in an email you want to be sure the other person can read and acknowledge.

It’s an interesting shift in our society to see how we subtlety use these forms of communication both professionally and personally.

That’s why I thought I’d research briefly what businesses suggest to never, ever put in writing.  As a rule of thumb, I would think this goes for personal emails or online chat and text as well.

1. Criticism, even in jest, of any person you know at your business or in your life. If you can’t stand someone you work with or have issues with your mother-in-law, tell your cat — don’t send an email message about it! You may accidentally sent it to THAT person!

2. Your romantic thoughts or fantasies about anyone — whether they work with you or not. Try not to even write it down in your journal unless you plan on burning it before you kick the bucket. (I plan on having a very large bonfire when the time comes.)

3. Gossip in any form or fashion. Here’s a great article to read – How to Avoid Gossiping. Remember the Golden Rule? Think how hurtful it is if you’re on the receiving end of that gossip.

4. Jokes or humorous stories that someone may consider to be inappropriate or demeaning to another toward any group of people. Can we say sexual harassment? Take a look at Title VII of the Civil Rights Acts of 1964. Acts, not act. There’s more than one that is part of the federal law.  Here it is in a nutshell –

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is a federal law that prohibits employers from discriminating against employees on the basis of sex, race, color, national origin, and religion. It generally applies to employers with 15 or more employees, including federal, state, and local governments.

This is also a reminder to anyone who puts up with a lot of s**t from co-workers or bosses when it comes to the above items.  There’s a law against it. You have rights too!

5. Discussion of illegal activities. If you’ve flipped out and kidnapped your boss or mother-in-law, it’s probably not a good idea – it’s certainly not a good idea – to go on aol chat and share that with your online friends or post a photo on Facebook of your person tied up in the basement.  Best plan? Just don’t do that.

Stay safe out there and be kind to one another, especially your cat!



Weekend Writing – 3 Steps

Who’s writing this weekend? If you’re like me, you likely have just a few hours or minutes – here and there – through the week to write. Having a full-time job is annoying sometimes, but it does pay the bills. When the writing is paying the bills full-time, then we can let the job go. Right?

Until then…

So the plan this weekend is to get some writing done. The project I started a few weeks ago is still going, but slowly. I’ve gone from having 0 words on the page to having over 5,000. That may not sound like much. Of course, it’s not the length of a full novel, but it’s a start. Also it’s a good start for me considering in the past couple of years, I write out an idea and after getting 2,300 words written, the idea sort of falls apart.

That’s why…

I’ve decided to get organized. I always thought since I had to be very organized with my full-time job, I could pull back from that with my writing. I could simply just sit down and write. In the beginning, that did work for me. But now I feel like it’s more complicated than that. Or it really needs to be more thought out and planned.

If I want to think of my fiction writing being a full-time job some day, now’s the time to start treating it like a full-time job.

Step 1 – Plan it out…

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been thinking a lot about my story while I commute to work. It’s helped me to summarize in my head what I want to write about the next time I sit down at the computer. It can be one simple scene or an idea for the overall plot.

I’ve always dreaded looking at the blank page when I sit down to write. Now with having an idea already planned about what I want to get done in the 30 minutes or an hour I have, I can actually do that. Remember thinking is a lot like planning. If jotting out your ideas on paper first helps you formalize your plan for what you want to write, that can work too.

Step 2 – Keep writing and planning…


When I started this experiment, I thought I needed to write every chance I got. I’m learning that it’s a good option to give myself a brief break as well. I’ll write for about 30 minutes in the morning. Then at lunch I’ll take my journal with me and write 10 or 15 minutes as well. Having a set day each week to write a blog here has helped too.

Since we live in a society that keeps us over-saturated with information, I have found that I need the break to just think. I’m trying to get better about not checking my email or social media as much on my phone, and instead devote that time to brainstorming about my story. I’ll email myself a scene idea or string of dialogue I want to use the next I write.

Step 3 – Be patient with your progress…

As I’ve mentioned recently, I tend to be impatient with what I dream of doing and what I end of doing. I regret not been more prolific the past couple of years, but that’s not going to help me now.

Instead I’m being patient with myself, doing something each day or every other day that gets me closer to my dreams and my goals.

Keep Writing, everyone!

How to Get Back Into Writing – 3 Steps

How do we get back into writing once we’ve lost our place? Do we just sit down and write? If it was that easy, I think we all would write. We’d write 3 or 4 books each month. We’d come up with an idea on Monday, sit down Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, etc., and write 20,000 words each day. Then voila by the end of the week, we would have a book written.

But life isn’t like that. Even in the movies, writers struggle with writing. So let’s say we don’t know what we want to write about. We don’t have the book idea flushed out just yet. Maybe we took a year off for whatever reason and we can’t get back into the groove of writing. Can we still get back to writing?

I think we can. If you’re game for this experiment I’m going to jump into, then let’s start with these steps. Remember we don’t have our book idea yet, we just want to put words on the page.

Step 1: Get Out of Your Head

Being a writer, I think I have the tendency to let the voices in my head read me the riot attack. I let self-doubt freeze me into a position of immobility. I certainly let my full-time job keep me preoccupied with tasks. Then home life takes over when I walk in the door at the end of the day, and in just a few hours my day is over.

But I’m learning that listening to self-doubt won’t solve anything, forgetting to save some time just for myself won’t make me a happy person, and working on the weekends will drain my spirit. It certainly won’t put words on the page, so that’s my first step, getting out of my head.

The Approach:

  • Envision what it was like to write – What process did I like most? Creating the book cover, editing a paragraph, dreaming up a scene, holding that finished paperback in hand?
  • Revisit a favorite place where I enjoyed writing – A coffee shop or favorite restaurant with a quiet table.
  • Find a place at home that could work as a writing spot or studio – Without really meaning to, I created a spot on our patio perfect for writing. Surrounded by plants I planted last summer, I’ve turned our patio into my summer writing spot.
  • Tell the Voices to Shut Up – When self-doubt brings up some lame excuse for not writing or for not planning your time writing, tell him or her to shut up.

Step 2: Plan a Paragraph
Getting back into writing is a lot like exercising. If you haven’t walked 3 miles recently or ever, is it really a good idea to go outside and hike off into the hills? Probably not. Same with writing. For me, I can’t sit down and write 10,000 words in one sitting. I’d love to be able to do that, but I know I just can’t.

The Approach:

  • Set a Limit and Plan Small – The act of writing is getting your brain used to thinking creatively again. This helps us shift gears and leave reality alone for an hour or so.  I’ve been practicing writing a blog post each Monday. I set a limit of 500 words to write and at least each week, I write 500 words. It may not sound like much, but let’s say I was writing on a book idea. If I wrote 500 words each week for two months, I would have 4,000 words written at the end of those 8 weeks. That’s more than what I had two months ago. Right?
  • Write Anything – Let’s say we don’t have the book idea formalized yet. It’s hard enough to get our brains into writing again. Let’s not worry about the book ideas for now. Just write. Write anything you want. Dialogue. A scene you think about over and over. What you’d do if you won the lottery. I like to re-write movie endings. After watching a movie, I like to scratch out on anything I can find handy to write on what would have happened if this had happened instead.

Step 3: Find 15 Minutes
Keep writing. If you’re like me, you spend 8 hours at work and probably at least an hour driving to and from work. Finding time to write can be challenging. That’s why I’m on an active mission to search for ways to find 15 minutes to write.

The Approach:

  • Get Tasks Done the Night Before – Make your lunch the night before lunch. Take your shower. Lay out your cloths. Do anything you can the night before work, so you’ll have 15 minutes in the morning with your coffee to write.
  • Maximize Your Lunch Hour – If you have an hour for lunch, take 15 minutes to eat your lunch in one of the nearby break rooms. The remaining 30-45 minutes you can spend writing, plotting your next scene, or creating a blog article.
  • Daydream & Drive – Commuting can be a stressful task you have to go through daily. If you can safely do it, think through your thoughts. Plan out a few paragraphs. Record those thoughts or a few key sentences with an audio recorder to listen to later. Most smartphones have a video memo feature now.

I’m going to take my advice this week:

  1. Get Out of Your Head
  2. Plan the Paragraph
  3. Find 15 Minutes

Let’s see where we are next Monday with our writing.

Small Disclaimer!
Please note this is a path I’m volunteering as a way to get back into writing. It may not work for everyone. Whatever course you are on, keep at it! Just keep writing.

Share your thoughts and approach that has worked for you in a comment as well. I’d love to hear from you and Happy Writing!

Small Space Living Anniversary

A year ago this month, I moved from a 2,000 square foot house into a 900 square foot apartment with my hubby. The decision finally came when our two income paychecks became one, and a small one at that. Downsizing became our best option and selling our lovely home became a necessity.

Thus, our small space living experiment began. Never in a million years would I have expected to have to change my life so much or that it would take a toll on me mentally and creatively. My last book was released three years ago and since then I’ve written a few story ideas and a couple of blog articles. And that’s about it. Thankfully, that is about to change.

But what do we go through when we have to “downsize” let’s say.

  • Do we have to throw away a lot of stuff we never used in the first place? Stuff that just sat in various rooms or closets, waiting to be noticed? Yes
  • Do we have to make hard decisions about what we will keep and what we will give away, or what we can sell for an extra buck? What we will have space for and what we won’t? Yes
  • Do we have to let go of all the clutter, the collections, and the “I’ll use that some day” items of 10+ years and re-evaluate what really matters and what doesn’t? Yes
  • Do we have to have to get our priorities straight and basically just start over? Absolutely

What happens to us when or if we make it to the other side of sanity?

In my case, I gave away a ton of stuff, sold the majority of my book collection to make a fast buck for moving expenses, and pawned almost all of my expensive camera equipment. I stored many items I’ll have to go through in the next few years at a storage facility and moved only those things that I needed for immediate, daily living into our small apartment. I rescued a few apartment cats last Spring because that’s a trait of mine that will never die, and I started a plant collection on our tiny patio that I like to call my Patio Garden.

What did I learn after all of it was said and done?

I learned that even though I have a personality that likes to collect and hold on to memorabilia, I have to focus on living in the present. I can’t hold on to things someday I’ll use or make scrapbooks of to remember. I can keep a few things, but not everything.

Most importantly, I learned that all the stuff that is hanging out now in my small closet, under our queen-size bed, on a few bookshelves, and tucked away in a few desk drawers means nothing compared to my relationship with my hubby, my family, and my furry babies. We’ll that’s enough of that.

Who’s ready to start writing?

Happy Monday!





In Progress

Sometimes life throws you curves that send you into utter chaos. How can you write or be creative when you can’t solve your immediate issues? You can’t figure out your next step? You have sunk into a vast pit of lifelessness. My world fell into this status of chaos two years ago, almost to the day. Since then, I have been fighting my way out of that drowning abyss and have been seeking spiritual advice to keep pushing myself forward, quite literally.


Luckily now I can see sunlight among the trees and my life is moving forward again, step by step.

My posts will be few in the upcoming months, but after I get moved and settled, I’ll be back to writing and posting. Stay tune and thank you for checking in!

Still Alive

Against popular rumors, I’m still alive and kicking.  After releasing Zombies Unleashed (The Vampire from Hell Part 6), I took a full-time job that drained my time and creative resources. Of course there is no excuse that I should disappear for over a year.  Don’t worry.  I’m not gone just yet.

8What’s in the Works?

Three more installments of the Vampire from Hell series are on the table.  Part 7 is in the works.

Other Series

I’m working on other series too that you may enjoy.  More to come!

Thanks again for checking in to see where I’ve been and what has been going on.

Zombies Unleashed is Live

Zombies Unleashed (The Vampire from Hell Part 6) is now Live!
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About Zombies Unleashed
The last thing Rayea, the Vampire from Hell needs to worry about is a zombie invasion. In the sixth installment of this series, Rayea realizes contending with creatures forged by her father, Satan may be a reality for her and her friends on Earth. Her walking nightmare begins as Rayea struggles to deal with the ongoing complications of her life: a wedding to plan, the world to save from zombies, and an unexpected call for help from her evil sister, Stephanie.

Pre-Orders – Special Note!
Thanks to all of you who pre-ordered this book! I had over 200 people snag their ebook copy immediately on Amazon. I do have to let you know that if you pre-ordered the book you have one more chapter to read that was no included in that first and second edition of the book. Chapter 15 is available on my website for you to read. Click here to read that chapter.

What’s Up Next?
Up next is the first book in a new series called Generation Z. I’m working on Zombie Wolf (Generation Z: Book 1) now and hopefully this will be released this Spring, probably late April. Read more about Zombie Wolf at

Happy 2015 and Zombies Unleashed (Coming Soon)!

Happy New Year! It’s the first day of 2015 and I thought I’d share some news. The buzz and whirl of the holidays are winding down, so it’s back to work for me.


Coming soon, Zombies Unleashed (Part 6) of The Vampire from Hell series will be released. If you pre-ordered the book before 12/26/2014, you’ll receive a link to read additional chapters because as I rewrote a few portions of the book, I decided to add 2 chapters. Please email me if you have any questions.

Release Date – January 6, 2015

ZOMBIES UNLEASHED (The Vampire from Hell Part 6)

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The last thing Rayea, the Vampire from Hell needs to worry about is a zombie invasion. In the sixth installment of this series, Rayea realizes contending with creatures forged by her father, Satan may be a reality for her and her friends on Earth. Her walking nightmare begins as Rayea struggles to deal with the ongoing complications of her life: a wedding to plan, the world to save from zombies, and an unexpected call for help from her evil sister, Stephanie.


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Several other books are in the que (or waiting to be developed.) Click My Books and view what projects I have on the horizon for 2015! I can tell you already that a Spring Release is in the works (Zombie Wolf!) and Part 7 of the Vampire from Hell series is set for this Summer.

Happy New Year!


Welcome to The Angelis Vampire Series by Shane North

Author Shane North arrives on the Publishing scene today with his first book in an awesome upcoming series called The Angelis Vampire Series. Shannon, Book 1 and a sizzling hot Release party on Facebook. (Click here to join.)

I sat down with Shane the other day and asked him a few questions about his new career as a writer and his first book, Shannon. We’ve got a wonderful new voice in the realm of vampire fiction here. Be sure to pick up Shannon by Shane North soon!

Buy Links: Amazon | Smashwords (Cover by Cora Graphics)

What is your book about and what genre are you writing in?

I love anything paranormal and if you add romance, the possibilities are endless. Nothing loves the way an immortal does. They have beauty, and passion that could move a mountain to get to their mate.

Shannon is about a young woman who lives a wonderful normal life in South Beach, except for her nightmares. They started when she was young and have haunted her nights every since. In her nightmares she leads the battle between good and evil. Her warriors are vampires and werewolves. Beside her is the love of her life. A sandy haired man who she met when the nightmares started. As she grew older, she knew her love for Simon was real and some day she would meet him.

She was adopted and never knew her real family. Everything changes quickly when her step parents are brutally murdered. She finds out her best friend, Caitlyn, is a werewolf and Caitlyns dad, which she looked at as a father figure in her life, is the alpha of the pack. The turmoil continues to escalate for her when her uncle Damon comes into her life. He holds the key to her past and her future. Damon is the vampire lord of Europe, and he comes from another time dimension named Angelis. A medieval place controlled by the Royals. A race of true vampires with power and magic this world has never seen.

In the first book of the series Shannon grows and learns to cope with her new life. She learns  who she is and what the Fates have planned for her. She meets her mate and tries to understand the rules the immortal race lives by. The essence of her true parents becomes a part of her when she touches their picture and she finally feels a parent’s love. Her saving grace in all of this is the fact that she worked for Navy Intel during her military life and she was very good at killing her targets.

What inspired you to write your first book?

I have always loved to write, but I never took the time to do so until I retired. My oldest granddaughter and I have always had a close bond. We have spent hours talking about her challenges as she matured and I have always tried to help her understand the world. That being said, Damon and Shanon’s relationship is similar. Shannon struggles to grow and figure out her life. Damon is always a step ahead and tries to lead her in the right direction to discover her true life.

What would you say makes your vampires unique to the paranormal genre?

My vampires have powers that come from their heritage as true Royal vampires. They move about in daylight and slip time to travel. I try to make them believable as a family unit. Whenever Shannon tries to get away with something, Damon always knows. They have werewolves as family members, and fight side by side. And then there’s Shamn Neeb. The powerful Shaman that has been with Damon’s family for centuries. A counter balance between good and evil.

What do you like about your main vampire character?

 I love Shannon because of her fight to get it right. She’s the strongest and most powerful immortal to ever exist, but she hasn’t learnt everything. She sees life as right or wrong. She looks at Damon as just a man and loves his human side. Her other uncle, Keegan, who is Caitlyn dad, is still a father figure. It doesn’t matter that he’s the alpha for several thousand werewolves. He’s still Keegan, and they have hot chocolate together and laugh about life.

Is there one particular thing your vampires can do or vampire myth that you enjoyed creating for this series?

I really enjoyed the Angelis side of the story. A medieval dimension, the Royals. Who are they and where did they come from? And what is Shaman Neebs story?



As my eyes closed and I took my last breath, I heard footsteps approaching…

I am Conner O’Callaghan, the oldest alpha werewolf and a direct descendant of the original Irish pack.  I was born in the County Offaly, along the River Shannon, in the year 1663.  This was when the alpha leader, Aedan MacConin bit me and I turned into a werewolf.

I am an immortal.

Callidora was my loving vampire mate, an ancient Greek who lived on Crete in 1158 AD.  She came from another time dimension named Angelis, with her vampire brother, Damon.  They were forced to leave their homeland by their power-hungry uncle, Kyran.  The warlock, Shaman Neeb, slid time and transported them to our time dimension.  He saved their lives and royal bloodline.  In this dimension, they have the power of gods.  Damon became my best friend in later years, along with Shaman Neeb; Damon was never far from his sister.

Callidora and I broke all the rules by creating a new breed of immortal.  We named our daughter Shannon, after the river I played in when I was a boy in Ireland.  She was the impossible miracle that came from our love.  A werewolf and vampire cannot produce a child together, but because Callidora was from another dimension, we were so much more than normal.

Shannon was a beautiful baby, but she did not exhibit any signs or scent of being immortal and could pass for a human in every way.  We knew Shannon was special…signs or not… and that someday she would become the strongest immortal alive.  However, at what age she would change from human to Angelian, we did not know.  We knew it would happen when she needed her powers.

By creating this new species, we knew we would pay with our lives.  The wolves and vampires have always followed the unspoken rule to kill the breeders and offspring, thus ending the cycle of life for those they feared or hated.  The slaughter of my village started at midnight, as the immortals attacked in full force and killed at will.  The slayers that massacred my pack were a mix of vampires and wolves, which would prevent the blame from falling on one race.  Cries of death carried into the night as the bloodbath raged.  The vampires and wolves were fighting together to end Shannon’s life as we all fought back, but we were outnumbered ten to one.

As my last breaths came and I felt my heart beating its last few beats, I knew my life would soon be over.  As I lay dying, I knew Damon felt the cries from Callidora as we fought for our daughter’s life.  As my eyes closed and I took my last breath, I heard footsteps approaching…

This is Shannon’s story… Callidora and I will never leave her side.


The Nightmare

I stood in the corner of my adoptive parents’ bedroom.  I felt very strange as I looked around.  I was wearing my navy camouflage!  On my hips rested my pair of .45s and I held my scoped AR tightly in my hands.  Was I back in Afghanistan?  No, I could feel the cool breeze blowing through the windows of their Florida home as Mike and Mary Murphy slept calmly.  I looked at their clock.  It was close to midnight when Mike woke up suddenly to the sound of heavy footsteps coming up the stairs.  He turned on the light and reached for his glasses as the bedroom door burst open.  There, standing in the doorway, were two large men with glowing red eyes with a deadly look about them.  I screamed as Mike reached for Mary and tried to pull her close; a bullet blasted the back half of her head onto her pillow.  I dropped to my knees as I watched helplessly as a second bullet blew through Mike’s head.  He fell against the headboard of their bed, silently.  Death came quickly and, once again, the night was silent.  I cried at the loss of the only parents I have ever known.

The half-morphed wolves smiled at one another as they shifted back to their human form.  The silver-haired man named Angelo spoke, “She’s not here, Lucas.  I didn’t think killing her would be this easy.  The Assembly will be pissed if they hear she got away from us.”

Lucas, big and mean, was cursing as he looked at the bed.  “We need to locate her quickly.  I’m not sending in a report saying we failed this.  The Assembly will have our heads if we screw this up.”

I followed them in spirit, if not in form, down the stairs as they left the house quickly and jumped into their car.  I could hear the sirens coming.  I was sitting in the back seat of their car as Lucas pulled out a dossier.  “Let’s find out more about this freak.  It says here, she’s about 5’9”, with curly auburn hair and emerald green eyes.”  Angelo snapped, “We already know that.  What else does it say?”  Lucas continued, “She’s supposed to be an expert in martial arts, with a quick temper and an attitude to match.  She spent three years in Navy Intelligence and was one of their best agents.  Her best friend is a little blonde named Caitlyn.”

“This is a bunch of bullshit, Lucas.  Time to call our informant.  We’ll find this freak and kill the bitch, and then we will get a bonus, instead of losing our heads.”

I woke up angry, tears flowing like a waterfall; heartbroken knowing I had just witnessed my adoptive parents’ murder.  But I was in full camo and ready for battle.  Why?

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About the Author

Shane North believes every day is amazing.  The world is truly full of miracles and the things that go bump in the night are beautiful.  Writing paranormal fantasy and paranormal romance is an extension of those thoughts.  His vampires and werewolves are immortal creatures leading an extraordinary life in our world.  They live, love, and breed new races, but add in the Royals.  Pureblood vampires from a different time dimension, a powerful Shaman, and you have a magic more powerful than the immortal world has ever seen.

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As a vampire from Hell, Rayea’s life is rather complicated so when she’s given an opportunity to take a vacation on Earth, she jumps at the chance. In the third part of the Vampire from Hell series, Rayea travels to Earth hoping to meet her online friends, leave her disturbing past with her father behind her, and embark on a new future without her meddling family.
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The Vampire from Hell Returns (Part 4 – The Vampire from Hell)

Blood of the gods has brought a new dimension to Rayea’s life as the vampire from Hell. As she juggles her new responsibilities and starting a relationship with her best friend, Blick, Rayea realizes her sordid past with her family may be catching up with her. When two of her friends go missing, she knows she must begin a search to find them. And the first place she has to look? Hell.

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ZOMBIES UNLEASHED (The Vampire from Hell Part 6)

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The last thing Rayea, the Vampire from Hell needs to worry about is a zombie invasion.  In the sixth installment of this series, Rayea realizes contending with creatures forged by her father, Satan may be a reality for her and her friends on Earth.

Several other books are in the que (or waiting to be developed.) Click My Books and view what projects I have on the horizon.

NEW RELEASE – Blood of the Gods (The Vampire from Hell Part 5)

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