You Haven’t Seen the Last of the Vampire from Hell (Snippet & New Promo Art)

Part 4 is in Production

You haven’t seen the last of the Vampire from Hell. Indeed, Part 4 is rising. I’ve had a few people ask me and many more people check my Coming Soon page on my blog, so I thought I’d share a blog post today.

I haven’t stopped my series, The Vampire from Hell. I’ve just run into some real life complications while writing the next installment, “The Vampire from Hell Returns (Part 4).” That’s why it’s taking me so long to get this done. I apologize for making all of you wait. But please remember, I’m still here and still writing this story for you. It’s not over. You’ll hear more from Rayea soon.

Releasing Date for Part 4?

Because I’ve already balked on Part 4’s release more times than I’d like to admit, I won’t be declaring a release date for this installment or future installments. If everything goes well, Part for will be released ON or BEFORE August 31, 2013. My birthday is Labor Day weekend and I want to have this next installment in your hands before then.

What I can say that I will be doing is getting ready for the release when it’s two weeks out. Once you see me talking a lot about Part 4, that will give you a good indication. I’ll probably announce a Release Weekend so that when it goes live on Amazon and Barnes & Noble everyone will see the links.

Once this installment does go live, I’m going to be promoting the Hell out of it. (Sorry for the pun.) You’ll be sick of hearing about Part 4 after another two week period. I’ll go ahead and apologize now for that. If you’d like to help me promote Part 4, join my Street Team. I’ll be giving away prizes to people who go above and beyond with helping me promote this book.

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The Latest Promo Cover & Snippet

Below is the latest promo cover I put on my Facebook page for Part 4. This is from a possible closing scene to Part 4. I’m still working on it. This is the first time I’ve written the ending before the Prologue because I have a specific idea of how Part 4 will lead in to Part 5. Yes, a Part 5 installment is already being worked on. 😀

As I write, I’m creating new ones every few weeks. You can see all of them at

Snippet from “The Vampire from Hell Returns (Part 4)” –

“Suddenly I felt the fear rise up in the pit of my stomach.  It had always been my reaction when Father screamed or yelled at me.  Instantly and inwardly, I backed down.  No questions asked.  Then it dawned on me.  I could end this cycle here and now.  I didn’t need Father’s blessings or Stephanie’s sisterly love.  I didn’t either of them.  You are not your father’s daughter.  I didn’t have to be Satan’s daughter anymore.  I could be just me, whoever that was.  I had people who love me.  Me, just for me, despite everything that had happened to me before.  And I had tried to help the people here, giving them my blood to survive Stephanie’s tortures.

Finally I rose to my feet and I heard Stephanie gasp in horror.”

Author Note: My phrase “Part 4 is rising” has many meanings to me as I write this. One being of course – as you may guess – Rayea possibly standing up (literally and figuratively) to her father. We’ll see how the writing goes with this ending scene.

Have a great week everyone!

~ally thomas


Snippet Saturday Featuring Part 4

I thought this would be a fun snippet to post from the upcoming “The Vampire from Hell Returns (The Vampire from Hell – Part 4)”. Can’t you tell my fangs are showing? 😀 Enjoy! Please note this may or may not be in the final release of the ebook/paperback.

EXCERPT from “The Vampire from Hell Returns

Coming Soon - The Vampire from Hell Returns (Part 4) by Ally Thomas
Click the image to see when Part 4 is planned for release.

If I could count the times I had woke up tied to a chair, I’d be a millionaire by now.  That’s where I found myself when I heard my sister, Stephanie hiss in my ear.

“It’s your welcome back party and you’re sleeping through it, sssister.”

Before I knew anything of my surroundings, I smacked my mouth open wide and loud, letting my fangs extend.  When I surged my head upwards, a sharp pain hit the back of my neck.  Something was around my neck.

“There she is,” Stephanie said.  “I hope you don’t mind.  I dressed you up for the festivities.  You look positively frightening.  The dog collar was my idea.”

I didn’t ask my sister what I was wearing.  I knew it was leather or latex or some super tight fitting monstrosity of an outfit.  It didn’t matter.  I didn’t have time to process everything going on.  I elected not to.  The faster I can get out of this chair, the faster I can get us free, I thought.  The only fact I noted was that I was tied to a wooden chair.  My sister or her minions had yet to put it together that maybe steel chairs would work better to constrain someone like me, instead of wooden ones.

When I saw Stephanie’s face leer before me, I made my move.  The chair snapped in half.  Moments later I was rising upwards and had my hands around my demon sister’s neck.  I didn’t let go.  Instead, I squeezed with all my might.

New Promo Pic for Part 4 with Snippet

I’ve got a new promo pic I made for “The Vampire from Hell Returns (Part 4)” while I’m working on it. Here it is.  Other promo pics are on my Pinterest page at Oh and I included a snippet from the preface of the book too 😀

Part 4 Promo pic

From the Preface

Being undead sometimes sucks.  It really sucks.  Maybe that’s not the best way to start this blog entry, but I’m beyond giving a sh*t about being prim and proper.  I’m a vampire, a Vampire from Hell no less and I should be able to make my own decisions.  The boys, as I like to call the men in my life – J, Death, Michael, Blick, and Ashton – can all take a flying leap off the nearest mountain.

Okay, maybe I should simmer down.  I’ve been through a lot lately and I shouldn’t be upset with the fact that I’m truly dead.  I don’t mean dead as in undead vampire.  I mean dead as in Death escorted me out of the room sort of dead.