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I’m excited to announce that I’ll be participating in two Facebook party events for fellow Indie Authors, Sharon Hamilton and Catherine Wolffe. Please stop by and join us for the fun. Giveaways and prizes will be shared!

Monday, March 3rd – Sharon Hamilton

I’ll be stopping by Sharon Hamilton’s party for her latest release in the SEAL Brotherhood series, Cruisin’ for a SEAL. Click here to join.

Friday, March 7th – Catherine Wolffe

I’ll be co-hosting with Catherine Wolffe and Wendy Ely for Catherine’s new release, Casey’s Gunslinger (Friday starting at 7 pm CST).

It’s less than a week away from Catherine’s Party Day and we need less than 50 more party goers to reach 300! If we get 300, Catherine will give the complete ebook of Books 1-3 The Western Werewolf Legend to one lucky winner. You can get the second book, Waking Up Dead Free on Amazon.

Invite your friends please Here’s the party  link –

About Cruisin’ For A SEAL by Sharon Hamilton

Marc Beale and several of his brothers from SEAL Team 3 board a cruise ship to bury a fallen buddy’s aches at sea. A risky affair with a beautiful Italian the night before they leave begins to ease his survivor’s guilt.

Sophia Negri, suffering jitters over her engagement, falls for the handsome SEAL and pretends she speaks no English, letting their bodies do the talking. When Marc finds her on the ship and learns Sophia is half American, he is angry at first, but falls for her all over again as they set sail.

Terrorists take over the ship and hold the passengers for ransom, Marc and the other SEALs are the only ones who can stop the plot. Will Marc’s actions be enough to save Sophia or will he have to sacrifice himself to save the woman he loves?

About Casey’s Gunslinger (The Loflin Legacy #2) by Catherine Wolffe

When Casey St. Clair returns to Tyler to locate her birth father, she seeks the help of the town’s attorney, the wickedly handsome, Charles Harrison. Abandoned as a baby by the town’s most influential man, Earl Loflin, Casey’s plan includes going to any length to shame the man who sired her. Charles sees her plan as a foolhardy attempt at revenge. He’ll do his best to protect her without resorting to the methods of his past. But when his past comes calling and Casey walks blindly into a trap, he’s the only man who can save her and any future they have together.


Release Day for Cruisin’ for a Seal by Sharon Hamilton

Cruisin' For A Seal Banner

Author Sharon Hamilton is releasing another book in her Seal Brotherhood Series and I wanted to share this information with you. I’ll be at her Facebook release party Monday, March 3rd so please stop by. Here is the link to join –

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Book Cover - Cruisin' SealAbout Cruisin’ for a Seal
Marc Beale and several of his brothers from SEAL Team 3 board a cruise ship to bury a fallen buddy’s aches at sea. A risky affair with a beautiful Italian the night before they leave begins to ease his survivor’s guilt.

Sophia Negri, suffering jitters over her engagement, falls for the handsome SEAL and pretends she speaks no English, letting their bodies do the talking. When Marc finds her on the ship and learns Sophia is half American, he is angry at first, but falls for her all over again as they set sail.

Terrorists take over the ship and hold the passengers for ransom, Marc and the other SEALs are the only ones who can stop the plot. Will Marc’s actions be enough to save Sophia or will he have to sacrifice himself to save the woman he loves?


Marc started to stand, but she stopped him with her hand on his forearm.  He did sit back down, but he crossed his massive arms in front of his chest, leaning back into the couch and looking the opposite direction, away from her.

“I know none of this makes sense. Not sure I do either. I thought that—well I just thought a little night of anonymous sex with no strings would be something—and this is a totally selfish thing here, I admit it—I thought I could just have…” This was going to be much more difficult than she’d planned. Everything she wanted to say wasn’t right. “I just wanted one more night being single, being free to choose, being with someone without it being complicated. And I’m sorry. I realize now that that was a huge mistake.”

His passive, hulking frame and dispassionate stare into the distance broke her heart.

“Please Marc, look at me.” He did, but his eyebrows were raised, his eyes contained the look of someone who thought she was full of crap. She mustered her courage and added, looking into his sky blue eyes, those eyes she’d gotten lost in, eyes she would remember forever, “I am truly sorry. I am not a good person at all. I did this without any regard for your feelings.”

Their eyes did connect, and for a second she could see the hurt there, a little dream in his heart that was dying too, just as hers was. Instinct told her to reach over and kiss him, hug him, tell him how sorry she was for her behavior, but she knew that was the wrong way to handle it. As much as she wanted to touch him and let him know how awful she felt, she needed to keep her distance.

Just tell him the truth and get out.

            Marc hadn’t dropped his eyes. He was searching for something in her face she hoped didn’t show up. He was looking for evidence she cared for him. Wouldn’t it be wiser to show coldness? Let him understand there was no future between them?

But was that the truth? Really the truth? Did all this happen because of her niggling doubts about Ricardo and the life she would have with him in Brazil? If she were certain of her decision to marry him, would the night with Marc have happened? She honestly didn’t know the answer to that.

“It was the most beautiful afternoon I’ve spent in my entire life. I will never forget it. Never, Marc,” she said.

His crooked smile with the dimple on the right side of his full lips was sexy as hell, and changed the mask of his face.

“It was a pretty incredible afternoon, but hey, no worries, Sophia. I’m not looking to get hooked up with anyone. I’m getting ready to deploy. This is just a little R and R before we go. It kind of worked, in a sick sense of the word.” He looked at his palms.

She hadn’t expected that.

“You aren’t angry?”

“For an afternoon of the best sex of my life? Fuck no.”

It was a nice thing to say, but she felt the blunt force of a verbal slap. “I think it was more than that, is what I’m trying to say,” she said, her voice low and husky.

Marc shot up, put his hands in his cargo shorts. “I’m glad. While you’re working your way through the cruise ship males, I’ll be having beers with my buds and probably swearing off Italian girls for awhile.” He began to walk out of the bar.

She had to do something. She ran and stood in front of him, to stop him.

“Wait a minute. What I want to say is that it wasn’t just a hookup. I mean it started that way, but it became more, I guess is what I’m saying.”

“Well, that’s fine, honey. And if you get that itch again, I’ll scratch it. No worries. I’m not going to get pissed off and ruin another good time.” His brilliant white teeth and blue eyes melted her bones.

“So it wasn’t—“

“You don’t have the right to that privileged information, honey. You’re engaged to someone else. I don’t gotta tell you anything about me or how I feel about anything, remember? But if you want another anonymous hookup, I’m not going anywhere. We’ve got like twenty days together. We’ve already proven we can let our bodies do the talking since the words seem to get in the way.”

He left the bar. She felt her stomach drop to her ankles.

It wasn’t easy to put it out of her mind, the look on his face as he turned, bowed slightly and walked out of her life. She’d already cried for him once as she was walking away from him in the Piazza. She’d left a part of her with him that day, and now today he took away another piece as he walked down the marble foyer, pushed the up button and left in the elevator.

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Giveaways with Quarterly Blog Hop (Oct. 24-31)

Click here to view all the authors and keep hopping.
Click here to view all the authors and keep hopping.

Welcome to the Quarterly Blog Hop October Edition!  Over 18 Authors are featured in this hop with new book releases in this Quarter (August, September or October). I’m included in that group with my latest book, The Vampire from Hell Returns (Part 4).

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Signed Paperbacks with New Covers Giveaway

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About The Vampire from Hell Returns (Part 4)

Blood of the gods has brought a new dimension to Rayea’s life as the vampire from Hell. In the fourth installment of the Vampire from Hell series, Rayea juggles her new responsibilities and starting a relationship with her best friend, Blick. Soon Rayea realizes her sordid past with her family may be catching up with her, and she’s going to have to deal with it once and for all. When two of her friends go missing, she knows she must begin a search to find them. And the first place she has to look? Hell.

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Excerpt from The Vampire from Hell Returns (Part 4)

“Smoothies.”  I smiled and secretly prayed the green smoothie was not for me because I instantly thought of the color of my father’s demon eyes when I saw it.  Green was not a favorite color of mine.

“Yes.”  He shoved the glass at me.

I stepped back for a moment as the liquid nearly sloshed out of the glass.

“That was a waste of fucking time.  Typhean is being such a prick!  J wants us to take a break to cool down.”

When I heard Blick’s curse word, I almost choked on my smoothie.  Blick did not swear…ever.  From that comment, I knew the situation was bad.  I swallowed the liquid quickly and thought, ‘Of course it’s bad.  I’m on my way home to Hell, and I bet I have to go alone.’  I remained quiet, watching him inhale the large glass of green whatever.  I paused for a moment, still staring up at him because he was so much taller than me.

His gold eyes flashed as he returned my gaze.  I wanted to reach out and grab his hand in mine, but I hesitated.  “You’ll have to change into something more battle-worthy if you have to go.  Can I talk to you while you do, back up at the house?”

“Sure,” I brightened, finishing off my red smoothie.  Not being able to taste any blood was wonderful.  That was Blick’s secret.  I loved how he made them where I couldn’t taste the metallic-ness.  My efforts didn’t produce the same results, so I stuck with blood tea.  For a brief second, I thought to ask whose blood I had drunk, but seeing how preoccupied Blick was, I let the question drop.  Instead, I went for the comedy relief angle.  “Always trying to get me out of my clothes, hmmm?” I purred.

As I reached out for his hand, he immediately pulled it away.  He clenched his jaw and a vein in his neck spasmed.  “This is work, Rayea.  We don’t have time for that.”  He yanked his fingers through his black hair with both hands.

Feeling defeated, I assumed the same professional manner with him.  “You bet.  My apologies.  What was I thinking?  I was making a joke to lighten the mood, Blick.  That’s all.  But hey, fuck me, okay.  I’m an idiot.  I get that.”

I stomped past him, feeling one of the laces on my sneakers loosen.  I made a big production about walking by him.  “Why don’t you stay here on the beach?  I can dress myself.”

Before I knew it, he pulled me into his arms.  His large height of seven-feet enveloped me and I came face to face with his muscular chest.  His white t-shirt glared in the sunlight.  Thank god, I can’t burn up to a crisp in this sunshine, I thought.  But if I did, Blick’s beautiful chest was the last thing I’d want to see.  Well almost the last thing, I laughed to myself.

I closed my eyes and let Blick hold me.  My mind and body instantly calmed.  I sank into his embrace.  No questions asked.  He didn’t say a word as he held me.  He simply rocked me slightly back and forth as he stroked my black hair.  I wanted to collapse into a pile of jelly on the beach before him.

I eased back from him some to give us a little bit of distance as his hands slowly traveled to rest on my waist.  I felt his touch tickle the small of my back as he laced his fingers in a couple of the belt loops on my blue jeans.  Must this end? I wondered.

“I’m sorry, Blick.  I know this is no laughing matter.  I’ve got to go.  I’ve got to save Lynn and Ashton if it’s not too late.  What did J tell you that I’m not supposed to know?”

“It’s your first mission.  It’s a test.  J said if you save your friends, the council will look favorably on that.  But he wants to explore more options.  He’s making some calls now.”

My eyes grew wide as I listened to him.  “We’re running out of time!”

He nodded.  “I know.  I know.  It’s such bullshit.  I’m so tired of the politics.  It’s J’s call.  How am I supposed to deny J’s wishes?”

I swallowed hard and let my head fall on his chest.  He was right.  After the near brain-melting exercise I had been in with J, I knew better than to disagree with him unless I had an extremely good reason for doing so.  I’d have to see this through on my own.  It would be too dangerous otherwise and I didn’t want any more of my friends getting hurt.

Blick continued to rub his hands through my hair, lazily, aimlessly.  It felt like it was an eternity before he spoke again and shattered our tense silence.

“I can’t go with you.  I’ve been instructed to stand down on this one.”

My body tightened and I broke our embrace, immediately sobering as reality reared its ugly head again.  I heard a light vibration sound and realized it was Blick’s phone.

He pulled his iPhone from his back pocket and stared at it.  His face reddened slightly.  He muttered a few expletives under his breath and my heart sank.

“Beelzebub contacted J and made a deal with him.  You’ll accompany Beelzebub to Hell…” He paused, fighting to control his growing rage as he violently stuffed his phone in the back pocket of his jeans.

“Blick,” I whispered.  This time I grabbed his hand, knowing he could very easily rip it off if he changed into his werewolf self in front of me.

“I’m okay,” he grunted and stepped away from me.  Crouching down, Blick rubbed his hands over the upper portion of his jeans.  Repeatedly he bent down, rubbed his hands over his jeans, and then stood up again.  He chewed his lips like he was waiting for a quarterback to hike a football.  Is that some new meditation pose? I wondered.

Suddenly he jerked up again and flung his hands out.  “You’ll accompany Beelzebub to Hell as his prisoner.  They agreed it’s the best way to get you in.”

“That’s ridiculous,” I began.  I felt like I had been kicked in the stomach and I was ready to vent to the gods and have a knock down drag out “Hell to No” conversation with Blick and anyone else who thought I was going back to Hell like some bound schmuck in restraints.  “No, no way.  No.  No.  No.”

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw that Blick was not trying to calm me down as I made a scene on the beach.  The odd position?  Anger management.  He was fighting to keep his own emotions in check.  Calmly he simply nodded now and then, glancing back at the deck occasionally.  But his gold eyes told a different story completely.

Having always protected me from any and every threat, Blick refused to put me in harm’s way.  He was beyond livid and he detested having to do as J said, especially when it came to my welfare.  Then it dawned on me.  My going to Hell would be harder on him than me.  If I didn’t agree with J and Beelzebub’s deal, I would have to come up with one of my own and freaking fast.

“Can you give me a second please?” I asked.

As Blick wrinkled his eyebrows at me, he asked, “What are you up to?”

“Just a second.”

“You’re not calling anyone.  Hand me your phone now.”  Blick knew me too well.

I produced my phone from my back pocket and placed it in his hands.  His tan was so lovely.  It made me wonder just how much of his body was or wasn’t tanned.  Momentarily, I thought of asking him if he had any tan lines, but I let the thought drift to the back of my skull.  Later, I surmised.  I can ask him that question and many others when this is all over.

I stepped away from Blick and faced the water.  I knew he was still close enough in proximity that I could reach for him if necessary.  I used every ounce of vampire speed I had to think of a million scenarios.  I felt the blood from the smoothie race through my veins.  Images flashed before my eyes as I let the possibilities play out in my head like I was playing a hundred chess games at once.  It was a trick I had learned while patiently indulging Typhean in the few firepowers he showed me.  His imagination was weak at best.  He wasn’t the strong blood god he pretended to be.

I had my own deal with Beelzebub and I was going to hold up my end of the bargain even if he didn’t.  Getting Lynn and Ashton free was my top priority.  Beelzebub could have control of Hell then.  My safety was secondary.  I didn’t want to tell Blick that, but it looked like I was going to have to make a deal with the devil, in this case my sister, if I was going to get my friends out of Hell.  She wanted me.  She didn’t want them.

Letting the images go and disconnecting from the telepathy channel I had tapped into helped me relax.  This time it had been rather easy and I wondered if the red smoothie had anything to do with it.

Then quite suddenly a face assaulted my mind’s eye.  The creature’s green eyes glowed at me in the dark.  He shouted a few times in my direction, but I realized he wasn’t talking to me.  Who was he yelling at?

“Where is she?  Is she with him?  Tell me, human!  Is she?  My daughter should be at my side, not his,” he roared.

“Lynn!” I screamed.

I came to as I saw Blick jolt up from a resting place on the sand.  He tried to grab me by my elbows so I wouldn’t fall, but I fell anyways.  The brief moments of seeing Father again even through my mind’s eye evaporated my strength.  I could not focus on that.  My friends were in danger.

“Rayea, Rayea, are you okay?  What?  What is it?”

“Where’s J?  Where is he?  We have to tell him.  Blick, it’s Lynn.  Father has her.  He’s alive.  Father’s alive and he’s looking for me!  We have to do something!  We have to get them out of there!  He’s going to kill them!”

Before I could regain my energy and stand, a searing hot pain crossed over my back like it was on fire.  Shrieking, I fell to the ground.  “Blick, Blick,” I gasped.

He dropped my iPhone in the sand and reached out for me, falling to the ground in front of me.

I couldn’t move.  My body pressed into the sand as if a massive animal had its foot on my back.  I pulled my face up so I could see Blick.

He stared at me.  The look of horror on his handsome face scared me more than I wanted to admit.  The pain ripping across my back did little to console me.  I knew I was in trouble.  This would be the end of me.  Blick’s hand found mine when I heard Typhean’s voice, hissing through my head.  He laced his fingers around mine and squeezed.

Typhean had entered my body again in the form of the dragon tattoo I had on my back.  The pain raging across my shoulders increased.  His voice was the only thought I could hear in my head.  I saw Blick before me.  I saw his lips move, but I couldn’t hear him.  I saw his hand wrapped around mine, but I couldn’t feel his touch.  It was like I was sealed off into a dark place with just Typhean by my side, even though Typhean was not visibly there with me.  Only Blick was there.

The time is at hand, my lady,” Typhean said telepathically.  The dragon tattoo that represented his body on my back pressed tighter against me.  I struggled to keep my head up.  I didn’t want to take my eyes off Blick.  I wanted to understand what he was trying to tell me.  His lips moved, but I couldn’t decipher the words.

“We must be on our way.  Your father is calling for you and he has reclaimed his throne in Hell.  He wants his daughters at his side.  We mustn’t be late for the party.

“Blick,” I screamed when I heard Typhean speak to me again.

The last thing I remembered was gripping Blick’s strong hand in mine.  I was sprawled out on the beach, trying to speak to Blick’s mind, but I couldn’t.  Darkness overwhelmed me and Blick’s face, the sand, the beach, everything vanished.  I felt like I was falling.

Then I felt a soft kiss Blick commonly placed on my nose touch me in the darkness.  His signature kiss.  I heard his words swirl around me, like his tender touch on my shoulder from before.  “That smoothie you drank.  It contained my blood.


Free ebook! Start the Vampire from Hell for free. Download “The Vampire from Hell: The Beginning (Part 1)“ The Part 1 ebook actually includes Part 1 and Part 2 – A Vampire Among Angels.

About the Vampire from Hell: The Beginning (Part 1)

According to Rayea, the oldest daughter of Satan, the origin of vampires started in Hell, and it started with her. Here’s her story about how it all began. Rayea isn’t daddy’s little girl, even if he is the most powerful fallen angel around. He wants her to take an active role in the family business. But she’s not interested in his schemes for world domination. Instead she wants to spend her time shopping on the Internet, rescuing humans from a horrific eternity, and practicing martial arts with her seven foot hellhound. Then one day everything changes.

About the Vampire from Hell: A Vampire Among Angels (Part 2)

In the second part of her story, Rayea visits the House of G where she hopes for a new beginning among Blick’s angelic friends, only to discover a vampire from Hell is not welcomed.

About the Author

Ally Thomas loves writing fantasy and paranormal books for that showcase vampires, werewolves, zombies, witches, and any furry monsters who go bump in the night. Her paranormal fantasy series, The Vampire from Hell has been on the Top 100 Amazon bestsellers list in Fantasy since its release in 2011.

***The Vampire from Hell series***

The Vampire from Hell (Part 1) – The Beginning (Free)

The Vampire from Hell (Part 2) – A Vampire among Angels (Free)

The Vampire from Hell (Part 3) – A Vampire on Vacation

The Vampire from Hell (Part 4) – The Vampire from Hell Returns (Now Available)

The Vampire from Hell (Part 5) – Blood of the Gods (In Progress)

Visit her online at

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Click here to view all the authors in this blog hop event.
Click here to view all the authors in this blog hop event.

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Welcome to the Halloween Blog Hop!  It’s the fourth week! Since The Vampire from Hell Returns (Part 4) released this week, I’m giving away two Kindle ebooks to two winners today!


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Click the image to view on Amazon.

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Excerpt from The Vampire from Hell Returns (Part 4)

If I could count the times I have woken up tied to a chair, I’d be a millionaire by now.  That’s where I found myself when I heard the voice of Stephanie, my demon sister.
“Welcome to Hell! We’re having a party in your honor, and you’re sleeping through it,
sssister,” she hissed.
I felt a blow blast across the right side of my head.  A hit delivered by someone I couldn’t see.  A blow for my sister’s amusement.

“What a lovely welcome home, dear sister!” I said sarcastically as I raised my head.It was on now. I smacked my mouth open wide, cranking my neck upwards as I extended my fangs.  The freakier I could look, the better, I thought.  When I surged my head upwards, a sharp pain sliced into my neck.  Something restrained me.  My fangs flipped inwardly and retreated to their hiding spot in the roof of my mouth. I tasted my own blood, and I had not bitten my tongue.  This could be bad, I thought.

“I’d be careful if I were you, sissy,” Stephanie said.  “That collar has spikes going into your neck.  The more you move, the more Typhean there will turn the corkscrew that holds the collar together.  The spikes are drilling into your neck.  If you jump suddenly, it’ll rip your head off, and then where will you be? One dead vampire.”

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Part 4’s Release Party – 10/20

Brought to you by Chelsea Author Promotions, we’ll be celebrating the relaunch of my series with The Vampire from Hell Returns (Part 4) on October 20th (6 pm to 10 pm Eastern time). Click here to join.

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giftboxParty Winners are as follows. Thanks again everyone!  Congrats to all our winners and thanks so much to everyone participating in the games. We had a blast! Special thanks to Catherine Wolffe for letting me co-host the party with her.

Game #1 Risha – Catherine to send you a $5 Amazon gift card.
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What is Wolfen Secrets About?

Not only do our dreams hold secrets to our future, but as Sonja Brooks discovers they also hold the keys to immense danger for her kind. Sonja finds the western werewolf pack in great peril when she and her mate, Tyler Loflin have to take on the vampires and their undead magic.

When confronted with vampires that won’t ever die, Tyler Loflin has to formalize a plan to protect the woman he loves as well as the men who are like brothers to him. The only problem is keeping the plan a secret from Sonja, who is the alpha she-wolf of their pack.

Grand Prize

Enter the Catherine’s Grand Prize!
Up for grabs, 2 autographed books from Catherine WolffeSharon Hamilton, Wolf T-Shirt, an autographed poster of Jimmy Thomas, signed bookmarks from Ally Thomas and Alexandra Anthony and more.


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GRAND PRIZE WINNER: Congrats to Kerry Anne who won the Grand Prize at my 9/22 party promoting the Anniversary edition of my Vampire from Hell series. Kerry will receive 7 paperbacks from authors and various swag (bookmarks, key chains, wristbands, etc). I’ll be including a signed copy of the anniversary edition of the Vampire from Hell Revamped.

Special thanks again to all the authors who contributed swag and made this grand prize so special!

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Winners, Part 4’s Release Party, and Giveaways


We have the winners from the 9/22 Anniversary Edition Release Party.

Congratulations to the following readers:

Winner Ramsha received a $5 Amazon Gift card.

Winner Amanda received any one of my ebooks. (She selected one that I write under a pen name because she had all my other ones :P)

Winner Katie received The Vampire from Hell Revamped (1st Anniversary Edition) ebook for her Nook.

Winner Sandee got The Vampire from Hell Revamped (1st Anniversary Edition). Being a new reader, I teased her and told her she now has no excuse to not read Rayea’s story before Part 4 comes out. 😀

Winner Delia scored TWO Kindle ebooks – the zombie anthology, “Darlings of Decay” and the vampire anthology “Darlings of Darkness.” I have stories in both anthologies.

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Winner Mayda scored 2 new (and signed) bookmarks that include unpublished covers created by Cora Graphics unpublished til now. Part 5 and 6 were recently created by the amazing talents of Cora Graphics.

New bookmarks will be available soon! Email me for more info if you want to purchase one.
New bookmarks will be available soon! Email me for more info if you want to purchase one.


Please note that the Grand Prize winner will be announced next week.

Release Party for Part 4

Starting this Sunday, I’ll be giving away a paperback of Parts 2, 3, and 4 through Rafflecopter giveaways featuring the new covers created by Cora Graphics. Part 1’s winner was announced recently. Click here to read more.

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For Part 4’s release, we’ll also hold another Grand Prize giveaway. Details will be announced the night of the party on Oct. 20th. The grand prize will feature a signed paperback of The Vampire from Hell Returns (Part 4) as well as various swag from several author friends including Kristen L. Middleton, Trina M. Lee, Sharon Hamilton, Alexandra Anthony, Catherine Wolffe and CM Doporto.

Be sure to attend. Other prizes will be given away during the 4 hour party. Click here to join.

Trina M. Lee Giveaway

I’d also like to congratulate Erin who won the Trina M. Lee Swag Giveaway that we had on my blog this week. She won 3 book magnets, 3 signed book inserts featuring Trina’s Alex O’Brien Huntress series as well as 3 Freak Show key chains. (See photo below.)


Other comments won Freak Show key chains. Congrats to all our winners!


There are two days left to get in on the Grand Prize giveaway from the Anniversary edition Release party on 9/22! So far, we have almost 200 entries. Swag featured is by Kristen L. Middleton, Trina M. Lee, Sharon Hamilton, Alexandra Anthony, Catherine Wolffe and me. Click here to enter.

I’ll be giving away a signed copy of the Vampire from Hell Revamped (1st Anniversary Edition) paperback. View below the wonderful swag my author friends are donating. Please note books by Catherine Wolffe and Alexandra Anthony are signed.

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